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Oh you okay it was not great yeah so cameron diaz will we will wait for cameron diaz to tell us if she's retiring yeah i will be starring mudbound too much that is i don't know why that is the person that you heard it here first is you not going to be doing i don't know maybe she's just maybe she'll come out with a handbag line or something yeah well she does like her like fios kind of like a lifestyle thing happening what is she like made a book about like loving your body thank you cameron diaz so much okay i wish you the best all against her all i want for anyone that we ever talk about except for a couple of people is happiness in the next person that we're gonna talk about someone that i i don't know if i mean look she can be happy should probably as happy none of my fucking business she might be miserable her name is taylor swift she has had so much coffee this more zooming i made a very strong pot of coffee this morning night feel insane taylor swift has released she was at the she was either nominated or like ones of at the we heart rely i heart not we i only i heart radio marti a do it's not only but a royal she was nominators she wants him shit at this fucking award show she was not there in lieu of showing up there is like a prerecorded video of harping i i got thank you and then she premiered this music video for delicate delicate so reputation is the elm i think because like look what you made me do is so bad it was like this disaster and then it ended up being like kind of.

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