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Happened last night on channel four comfortable I wrote down the words comfortable and they're doing things they shouldn't do and they wanted to make sure they're comfortable now part of it of course is that they're in danger from the mob they're afraid of the mob and rightly so because it's a violent criminal mob engaged in mob violence in the name of opposing police brutality they're attacking police again there were what were more than four thousand one hundred arrests over the weekend there were I would estimate certainly hundreds of police officers injured in the in the violence that it's I could it'd be shorter to name the cities that were not attacked and also you should go look at the the politics of the cities and the locales if you took take the you know the satellite view of the United States and overlaid the the red blue map showing where they're Republicans and Democrats in charge and of course overwhelmingly the Republican controlled areas with the gun toting racist white supremacist crazy people perfectly quiet perfectly quiet peaceful people having barbecues cold beers enjoying time with their families and their neighbors and their friends knowing that there was this tragic incident a week ago today in Minneapolis but not destroying the country and waging war against capitalism and the police the thin blue line on Friday I was talking about the thin veneer of civilization and the Finjan Arab civilization is very much under attack in the United States of America by the radical left that's what's going on here hi and George Floyd's death as a tragic death and the the person or people responsible will be held accountable and are being held accountable the rest is the radical left burning the city to the ground all right and and then trying that Democrats not the radical left but mainstream Democrats in Minnesota trying to pretend that it's these mythical white supremacists that we hear so much about Salt Lake City Utah more than two dozen police officers were injured by the mob in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City in Oklahoma City there was violence and I like the mayor of Salt Lake city's it Democrat them provoke Oklahoma City is is not however is a Republican so that's a that's a little it's a tricky tricky situation this this whole thing is so completely nuts nuts I say which were what you say Michael which one is it but but but but above all right lots of audio lots of media lots of politicians and of course your calls you know for everyone's sake we need to avoid large crowds it is specially today in any way that we can right now but what.

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