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I'll check that out myself and find some. I'll try to submit something. I think that's a great idea. All right next up this is this is really weird and creepy and we've talked about deepfakes on on the podcast before which are videos Using artificial intelligence machine learning to map one person's face on someone else's body There are other ways to do it. But that's that's the one that most people see there are other meanings to that word deepfake but basically it's fake video. It's it's taking real video footage and altering it and mostly notable ways to make it look like something that it wasn't well this one is now about voice deepfakes which i've talked about those before. They're back you know gosh. Two years ago maybe but there was a site that was doing fake trump and obama voices. That was mostly believable. That i said at the time. It's just gonna get better. Well it's gotten better. And i've got some recordings that will prove it But let's read this article. From the verge. It says. Recording advertisements and product endorsements can be lucrative work for celebrities and influencers. But it too much like hard work. that's what. Us firm vera. Tony betting today. The company is launching. A new platform called marvel dot. Ai that will let creators media figures and others generate deepfake clones of their voices to license as they wish. And this is a quote from ryan steele berg. Who's the president of our. Tony says quote. People want to do these deals. But they don't often have enough time to go into a studio and produce the content digital influencers athletes celebrities and actors. This is a huge asset. That's part of their brand quote with marvel. Ai he says anyone can create a realistic copy of their voice and deployed as they see fit while celebrity is sleeping. Their voice might be out about recording radio. Spots recording audiobooks and much more still burg says the platform will even be able to resurrect the voices of the dead using archive recordings to train. Ai models and he says again quote whoever has the copyright to those voices we will work with them to bring them to the marketplace. That will be up to the rights holder and what they feel is appropriate but hypothetically yes you could even have walter cronkite reading the nightly news again unquote speech. Synthesis has improved rapidly in recent years with machine learning techniques enabling the creation of ever more realistic voices. Just think about the difference between how apple's series sounded when it launched in two thousand eleven. And how it sounds now. Many big tech firms like amazon offer off the shelf text to speech models that generate voices at scale that are robotic but not unpleasant but new companies are also making boutique voice clones that sound like specific individuals and the results can be near indistinguishable from the real.

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