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Everything to get me started. 95.5 WSB Elaina's news and talk Had a couple of busiest travel day since the pandemic began over the weekend. Nationwide right now, Hartsville, Jackson security weights or 17 to 19 minutes. More stories make Atlanta's Morning news 7 22 Here's Marcy Williams. Judging about the President Biden reaffirms the US commitment to NATO at this year's summit in Brussels, Stephen Portnoy in Geneva. It's no accident that before the president comes here to meet with Vladimir Putin. Will sit with America's NATO partners. The president says he's aiming after the Trump era to reestablish America's credibility. Biden says he views NATO is vital to maintaining US security. 10 Republican and Democratic senators reach agreement on a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, But Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells CNN it's not ambitious enough. I have no intention of abandoning the rest of my vision. About the better building back better. And New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says it's better to go it alone and settle for less. All Senate Democrats would have to be on board to pass it through reconciliation when at county beefs up security and its board of Ed meetings, the school district is promising a significant security presence at this week's meeting. During the last one audience, members shouted down board members who asked them to wear masks or leave. District now warns people who are disruptive may face criminal charges, and only those who sign up may speak master recommended but not required. The Hawks must step up on defence against the Sixers tonight in Game four of the NBA Eastern Conference semi, We gotta get stops defensively. Really comes down to that and we can't stop them. Um, it doesn't really matter what we do offensive, so we just got to be better at that end of the cord and we still got the guys that we need to win this thing, the Hawks guard Kevin Herder says Atlanta needs to set the tempo coach Nate McMillan says a win tonight at State Farm Arena means the series must come back to Atlanta. Ws produced time. 7 24. It is time to update weather and traffic. W s computer all the script Melas has today's forecast. For today. Only a 30% chance and isolated afternoon thunderstorm High around 91 right now, 71. Thanks. Good morning, Dr. Now, the WSB SGI copter. It's Mark McKay on the south side. We've been watching construction still active at Stockbridge. The right lane of I 75 76 75. You're right, mate. Lost northbound between Stockbridge it tomorrow. The great crash has those two right lanes knocked out 75 northbound and exit to 35. That's terrible of our trip. Traffic 95.5 wsb Mark, Do you have any further information? What led to the shooting in 95 this morning earlier that has blocked up before Georgia 400 Anything for police? Nothing confirmed from Atlanta police. Although the investigation is completely wrapped, you would have If you're rolling through northeast Atlanta right now, you would have had no idea that all lanes were shut down for nearly two hours of the Georgia 400 on Gramps again, all traveling back open into and out of this part of metro Atlanta. Scott. Excellent. Thanks, Mara. Thanks for the great coverage Early this morning to this started our morning at 4 30 here with those early delays that.

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