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Yup an interesting? Helps Yellow. This connects a little bit. So! So speaking of twin peaks cast. We run them down. Because Hey, we're twin peaks podcast right yet, so the actors that. Appear in this one. The only watts, obviously I and four course as inland empire exactly then you. Does the dual role of Betty Elms. Or Diane Selwyn take. Your pick. In this one of course, she played Jenny, Jones and then we had Robert. Forster turns up as detective McKnight. So share free. Truman right there. Share Frank Notice for curate. When you said Frank I saw Harry in my head. That's really weird. Right probably listening because normally when you say sheriff. Harry S Truman. That's probably why. Shouldn't be too hard to remember that. I was just dumb on my part. I'm sorry that's right. We've been talking just went brain. It's I. Have Quarantine Brain, which means which means drink every night brain exactly so. You're you're you're you're podcasting with assisted? chemical podcasting. Yes, this is. Mike cast your adult podcasting. How's that? That makes it sounds so much sexier it's. All Year. All right so we also had dead is huge podcast. There's no reason for you to sleep on the couch, right? Well obviously. We'll talk about that scene late. We're GONNA talk about that a little bit yeah. Yeah because I'm sure. A lot of people didn't see that coming the first time that That, they watch this film. Brent Briscoe as. Detective, Dumb Guard, and. Of course. Yeah Recipe's detective. Right, yeah, sadly, we lost briscoe not too long ago, but yeah detective Dave McNally and the return. now had ngelo battle Amenity as Luigi Castellini the espresso hating mobster. Tends to. Voices displeasure with Espresso by spitting it out into a Napkin bidding it into a Napkin. Yes, and I remember seeing these news to the time list at least user Napkin good friend I just remember watching this movie The for singling but. This is so great exactly so our favorite twin peaks. Composer turns up in acting role here so. In addition to doing the music for this film score. Nothing against Dean Hurley, but he's our favorite. Come on. We know we were. We were Angelo. Fans before your Dean Hurley fans, so that's the thing de knows that our heart is large enough for the both of us were. Just know your place. Dean Hurley that's. Dino's yeah okay. there. We just needs. He needs another twenty five years. He'll get there exactly exactly so Rebecca del Rio. Who of course is one of our favorite roadhouse seniors the return? Makes her appearance as herself. Sorry. Issue there so. Yes. She said she's one of your favorites. Oh Yeah, yeah. I loved her performance of no stars, and you look address the Chevron Dress. I did yeah so. But Yeah I really enjoyed her performance..

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