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Disney plus as now saying that black widow corona ville. The new movie kerala shanxi legend of the ten rings pixar and several other movies will premiere busy plus at the same time and opening theaters. Because that's the other part of the story regal cinemas here in new york anyway reopening enable crew ella debuts on may twenty eighth and black widow opens on july ninth. They're both gonna set you back though there. There's a thirty dollar rental thing again to get that movie. It's still cheaper to go to the movie theater. Joe that's the problem. I'll a dollar on saturday. And i cough into it from the movie. I win the movie and condition away home. Joe and had chain joe. When was that seventy seven years ago. About jesus christ. Good talib's brother. Oh that was a great show. I like jimmy was You know. I sense seventy five cents for the movie theater. It was a lot cheaper for you. Twenty six cents used in cartoons and newsreel and a handful blocks of kidney was sixty depending more on the outside on the outside of the nickel inside it was six and thrive. We had to speak quicker. Visa canfora penny and all that back in the old fox really going to probably comfortable with fifteen cents legal walk. It used to ride the back. If you didn't have the money collected bottles got a five or six get away. They're going to the movies today. You hustle in a supermarket. Harry bang lang. We saw pai geissinger used to get into these over the. Here's my question. So here's my question. Is uncle eddie right. I told you that they only have. Maybe maybe they had a ten year. Life in smacking see left was the movie theater but did the pandemic kill the movie going experience for your now because besides disney plus you also have. Hbo max and they're doing first run movies on the small screen in your house. Hbo in charge you shit got hbo. You already have it. And he got disney. Plus you got half this stuff to video exactly. So is that now dead. has it gone. I think people still like night out at theaters revolving the movie did nightclub. Yeah you neighboring. Come to the door to go like like beds cry. I what i've heard about your daughter and it's a whole different kind of experience. So they have the best sound systems the best. Yeah but here's the problem. If you don't want to deal with people he's not going to cut down on. Your crap is my point. Well i don't like to go with you. I know you know you. But that's the thing if you don't like going to the movies that now is you don't have to. They've given you now the option of not having to go to the and especially now that the quality of television is much. Everybody's got a sixty inch eighty one am. I bear malone's fifty inch damn good your dick my penis. There are people that have a yes. I did see something i did. See something on the news. Were interviewing people like would you go back and they were saying yes because the there's something about a theater experience big screen everything on everything surrounding you and being with you. That's what they want. They don't want because they could sit home and watch and it doesn't have the same appeal even though they have the greatest sound. And i'll tell you also have to deal with asshole kids in the neighborhood right. That's the other parts and other in manhattan. They were talking to so they have a whole different outlook on no rest guy the nine out thing but it's still not used me. It used a piece on the to the movies and they immediately you go there now. It's like i'm gonna go ahead from this girl at the theater. But you gotta go out with you. You wanna take on the date. where do you take. You gotta take him to the movies. Go bowling them to coney island coney island amy coney island still has the freak show knows people show up. You know what i'm saying you go to the freakshow. It depends on what part of the boardwalk you woke on a certain area late that every year. It's the same group of people that they have their flags they set them up. They got the music. There were constant. They've never left. Like you could tell like this is what they do. And it's great to see it. 'cause they get everybody involved with the day. It's an all the craziness me wait. Me and amanda. We're talking about this summer. Going of the coney island. I can't fuck him. Because i love it down there. Hey ain't nothing like it used to be. You know they also don't have diving horses on the fucking over giant diving board into a noodle things do change when things will stay the same in coney island you still have you junkies. You still have your white house mellow urine and the people throwing cyclones. I don't know how much fundable the new one they put up. That does the loops and stuff died. I think was forty of forty to seventy five dollars. Something like that. They go on to write on the right. The your wonder wheel. There is expensive to like forty something derogatory about the experiences. I went on the wonder wheel at coney island cyclone. It was ten dollars right that was in kansas. And that was an actual fucking a lot of money. Math twister ride twenty five cents. Yeah that's that's how the next ride was free. We get it. Your old christakis seventy seven. Alex in the facebook live sweet. I took my ten year old daughter to cinema cafe two weeks ago to see tom and jerry still an awesome experience movies. Food drinks reclining chairs. The fucking works plus. You don't have to clean up. But here's the thing you got reclining chairs at your house. I gotta clean up. Yeah but but you're not making the same mess if your floors a sticky at.

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