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Is yourself and it's so there these sort of topi novels that came out around the same time that all go into this where the world prevents you from growing up and you rebel against the world in order to grow up and ready player one the novel is similar in that its main protagonist is basically forced to pay attention to the pop culture of his parents and grandparents generations and does not have any self possession of his own except that he never grows up and he never throws it off he just he just goes into the capital and becomes like the he becomes snow he becomes president snow of the hunger games and and it's and it's positioned as good question mark because you get the sense that there's some sort of deep wound that's informing the writing of this book that that is is blind to itself that that there's a sense that the book is positioning things like playing zork as awesome where and i've played zork it i don't find it awesome i fight it compared to modern video games to be alienating difficult and ice relating right like let's say let's step back from the high level analysis of all this stuff and i just want to ask you guys have either of you guys actually played the old school text adventures oh yeah all the info com games i had a box set called the lost treasures of infocomm that i did but i in the old days i had five and a half inch sorry five and a quarter inch floppies that were on god take my nerd card away that i put in my apple two see zork was easy compared with the hitch.

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