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Rules for facebook was okay developers you can also have access to anybody who options and all of their friends and contacts okay so that's that's how they got that data scrape now how cambridge analytica came by it is a little bit not above board so a professor builds a thing and it says this is your digital life would you like to take this quiz on facebook two hundred and seventy thousand people say yeah i wanna take that but that gave them access to basically fifty million profile that's gonna ask how do you go from two hundred and seventy thousand to fifty million that's i mean think about the scale of facebook even at that time it's gotten much bigger since then too so but the scale is just immense here right so they wanted to find what they're calling psycho graphics they wanted to be able to predict people's intentions and and likes and dislikes by clicking on on facebook and basically advanced advertise it it is it's very micro targeted advertising it's also cambridge analytica in my mind is a marketing firm that's really good at marketing itself because psycho graphics is a marketing term that marketers choose to market themselves so there's good at that the other angle on this rhonda really kinda sticks in my craw is the politics angle what the rules are anyway boy so much of that really is somewhere in the middle of it they say by the way we can give this to anybody wanting they can bother you for life absolutely yeah i mean you you've seen it this week happened hashtag delete facebook and you look and facebook brings so much down of this on itself seriously ceo mark zuckerberg is the most tonedeaf ceo in silicon valley we're talking with jason middleton jason of course our business and tech reporter keep going this fascinates me because how this company cambridge politica is something that everybody's talking about nobody even heard of it.

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