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Soon listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. And we are back here and let's talk about the Georgia bulldogs as. Their game might not be that difficult this weekend in Fayetteville but what about the quarterback situation? It was about a week ago and my griffiths joined this with his feeling about who should be the star Michael rejoins us a number of issues to discuss Mike. Always great to have you on. Let's let's start with the Cuban situation. What are you here? Yeah you gotTa Be Dorm Math Paul I mean of jt Daniels still isn't cleared this week. I mean really last week. If he wasn't cleared, you gotTA prepare with who you've got doin', Mathis Jt Daniels, very different style quarterbacks. So I think you're gonNA see Dwan this under center maybe some Carson back maybe some Stetson Bennett up but likely one mathis in quite a story book start. This will be Paul. When you look at Guan's background the brain surgery the flipped from Ohio state I mean it really is something else away way this is laid out. Mike, let's let's take a deeper dive into this Georgia season everyone knows. Maybe, not everyone but some of us to have been around those this. It has been forty years ago since Georgia last won a national championship dogs have come close There's so much conversation about that was curb smart as he faces a season where the media who voted thinks Florida is going to be the SEC champion I know you don't agree. Well, you know it's interesting. You Know Florida and Tennessee, no that stat about the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty championship as well as anybody it's been forty long years in and actually Paul George is going to break out some special uniforms for this game against Arkansas they're going to try and Harkin the ghost of Herschel Walker going back to the sixteen. Fifteen Georgia win over Tennessee that started the nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty national championship season for the bulldogs when Herschel Walker ran over billy based one of the greatest Georgia memories ever course Herschel went onto. This incredible career Rush Rover Five, thousand yard I mean think about Herschel Walker, just a second let me just throw back to the old folks this guy, six, one to twenty two, he was running the ten, two, hundred meters. He's faster than anybody on the current Georgia football team obviously some great things pro record twenty, four, hundred yards in the US f. l. in hersal still looking like he could play the game alternate fighting the Bob sled stuff I mean such a storybook career for Herschel Walker commemorate it red. Pants. White Jerseys at razorback stadium on Saturday. Hard to know which teams which. Griffey ride It is an amazing memory to see that the only been forty years. We were both. You may not have been born yet. Let me talk to you about something that has. Speaking Tennessee? The Kate may situation remains a topic of conversation. Otis research has been a topic of conversation. Now, these are two young men who left Georgia to go to Tennessee in almost respectfully, and we have heard nothing but Angst, and anxiety from fans lately what do you know about those two situations? Yeah understandable. You know both these guys WanNa. Play football point understand that the problem is that the eighty s and the president's from the SEC schools voted on this rule I mean every year they go down to Destin they gather they talk. They make rules they make denims to rules. This rule was last adjusted in twenty eighteen just just two years ago, and they all agreed that, hey, if you transfer within the league, you gotta sit out for a season unless there's a postseason ban involved right? There's a provision for that. None of those provisions apply decayed maze oaths or or Joey. Gatewood. The Auburn quarterback that wants to play Kentucky this year and so great sankey is merely upholding the role that. His ADP's his presidents voted on in Dustin Florida and the sad part is or maybe the unfortunate part is I think in January, we're GonNa see this passage of the one year transfer rule where kids have that ability to transfer without sitting out a year but that's not gonNA happen till January. So it'll be interesting to see if Greg Sankey in the SEC make some special provisions and if so were they need to get the voted the president's in the. To change their own rule that they voted on just in two thousand eighteen. Now, I know some fans have blamed Kirby smart. He's an easy target here is. I know the rules rules or anything he can do or is he? Is he overruled by the rule? Kirby Smart said yesterday that he doesn't have control of it only said, he has supported guys that have gone to schools with an opportunity to to play right away I know they'd got divided Wilson Down there central Florida right now it's really hard to know who said what Georgia says they can't reveal a lot of the details. You Know Kirby lot bigger fish to fry than worrying about came as right now or Otis reese I mean. He's got this quarterback situation Paul and there's some real questions about where this George offense is going to go. If they're going to win a national title, you know they're going to need to see some things happening quarterback. I'm. Dwan Mathis you talked about earlier this guy's raw. They're going to be somewhat limited against Arkansas. No you ought to be good enough to beat them but you know this guy that was once committed to the Ohio state and. If it wasn't for Justin fields transferring to Ohio state, we have a completely different script here was when Justin fields started talking with Dwayne Haskins that doin mathis flipped and said, you know what? I'm going to go to Georgia and then he has that brain surgery may twenty third and we think well this guy's he's not going to play college football but here we are sixteen months later and doin verges starting and we all sit back and wonder could he be the guy or is the guy waiting in the wings in the form of JT Daniels? That's a completely other story. Let's let's talk about the schedule and the gators because alluded to it briefly that the media voted Florida to win the. East. Whatever that means doesn't mean much but the gators, the gators are obviously the that key game as always. On the Georgia schedule which begins this weekend and then it gets. Harder. With Auburn and Tennessee the next two weeks then at Alabama at Kentucky Florida on the seventh. At Missouri State at South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Your thoughts on on the dogs and what lies ahead for them. In spite of everything you've just got through saying about the quarterback situation. This is a year you know we talk about traditions starting out the year for Georgia and celebrate knows uniforms. But this is a year where tradition could cost them. You Know Georgia's designated home game. This year is Florida but as of now, they're playing that game in Jacksonville and I still think plan on the roads a little bit of a hurdle. The home team doesn't have all the the crowd and all that. But when you've got to fly somewhere and you've got to stay the night I, mean, that's just a bit more on. You then staying in the comforts of the same home hotel and in the familiarity and this is a year. Now we're Georgia really only has four home games because one of their home games is in Jacksonville. Conversely, Florida has five home games plus they get to play Georgia in Jacksonville something to look for I wonder if the gators will bus over the day of the game only being seventy miles away or will they lost the night before but could that little advantage make a difference?.

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