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Scott from our sister station, car radio had a good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So what's the situation right now as it relates to school bonds, and how might legislation change it? Okay. So the situation now is that there's school band bonds districts across the state are having a very difficult time getting them passed. They keep failing Bethel school district. Superintendent Tom Seagal says and they desperately need them to build new schools and buildings. You can go to buffalo high school and watch the water leak into the office, and you can just watch the water cascading down into a trash can. But why school really needs major work needs to be replaced? And the other buildings are just you know, are wearing out portables in particular that really are kind of a bad shape. Now state Senator democratic Senator Lisa Wellman says other school districts have even bigger problems at some schools that reported we've got we've got collapsing ceilings, we've got leading the water because we've got old pipes that we need to you know, really reengineer we need a new building. Having a collapsing ceiling is not good. As far as kids are concerned. Now Bethel's just had its bond four hundred forty three million dollar bond. I believe for fourth time was on the November ballot it failed by just barely. And it'll be coming up again in the February ballot for the fifth time, and it needs to pass according to Tom, you know, eventually run out of the ability to stuff anymore kids into the classrooms. We currently have. And there is no bond then something's going to have to give an aborted directors will have to make a decision based on input from new citizens group there. Starting the questions you either have, you know, those sort of crazy solutions or you're finally pass a bond and build the buildings and then three years later you suddenly have the new building online. It takes three years. My crazy ideas he's talking about by the way are like scattered schooltime elementary schools going from six to seven in the evening year round school things like that. It's interesting because have they said at all whether or not they're willing to change the way, they go about promoting the bonds during the political campaign is this whole idea of, hey, they're not working our arguments on why we should pass a school bond isn't working. So let's make it easier to pass school bonds. It seems like that's the exact opposite thing that they should be doing which is hey, maybe just argue it a little bit differently. Well, and I think that there's some confusion among voters. I think a lot of voters thought that mccleary covered all of the school funding that was needed right? They're playing more property taxes and things like that. I don't know that people understand why they need the bonds, and there's just old. Buildings and safety issues across the state. Here's the biggest issue with that. Why the bonds are failing? The culture to this is very, frankly, these super majority requirement that was inserted into the constitution nineteen forty four as a result of World War Two continues to this day to really cause problems throughout the entire state kids end up in school buildings that are crowded or are unhealthy insecure or potentially dangerous cases. So there is a push now at both state schools chief, Chris reykdal. Several lawmakers who actually had been against the idea of changing it to a simple majority in the past. I have now gotten on board and Lisa woman. She has dropped a proposal to change it to a simple majority fifty plus one right down from that sixty percent because a lot of these Bethel's, especially I think baffles failed by fifty nine point one percent. So it was like nine percentage points short. But that's an indication of what I was talking about. Right. This whole idea of if they push just a little bit harder. We're not talking about having to overcome a huge percentage. We're talking about just a few hundred or sometimes it depending on the district. A few dozen more voters in your on your side. But I, but his point is that why should the not the majority? It should be like anything else is this point the majority. It should be fifty plus one is who should be fighting it not the minority. The minority is designing. Here's why I think it's like that. And this would be my guess, it's because I don't have kids. And if it's fifty point zero one percent of the vote means I'm going to pay for more of something that I will never use. It's kind of unfair. And so I think it's trying to even things out a little bit that you not only are you gonna have to get the parents on board. But because these bonds impact everybody who lives in the district, you need to work a little bit harder to get people like me who's unloved and without children, and we'll probably forever be that way. And I'm so alone. That's probably why it's like this. But okay. So then alternatively to get some upgrades and building things then you can do a capital Levy like Seattle. And if you have the higher tax base, then you you can get those passed in that only takes simple majority. It makes a difference. So that's another one of his arguments at any rate. There's going to be this proposal to try to change it the one that's right now on the pre filed list is from Lisa Wellman again fifty plus one that is has to be a constitutional amendment does. So in the end loaders across the state if this even gets out of the legislature, we need to third of the legislature to sign off on any constitutional amendment. And then it has to go to voters who would have to prove it by a simple majority. We'll see how it ends up going. That's been Hannah Scott, she's actually pretending to be at the capitol. She's actually the studio right next to me. We've decided to connect this way. Because it sounds a lot cooler come on hand. I can see you in the other room. I can see the capitol for I. She thought I was serious last night. When I was giving her a hard time, and she sent me photos and Mike those clip art of of not even of Olympia. It's a comic of Olympia has from our sister station radio. Thanks bye. You're listening to the Jason Rancho..

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