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Can logan creed. Would joe black being out is this. Logan creeds climbed back to the top of being the king of the mountain. Georgia is the item. You e- heavyweight championship. The first step to getting back to where he wants to be. Billy brash who has not wrestled a lot during the pandemic. i'm curious to see. He obviously was in good enough shape to beat sean legacy for the championship Billy brash a name. i thought i'd seen the sixteen but again. A lot of wrestlers are limiting where they work during this time. Billy brash. In the last couple of years he's been he's been the prestige champion for a male He's held tag team championships. He was the carolinas wrestler of the year. A few years ago and was also in the tag team of the year that year. But billy brash in these last couple of years has not been the guy. He's got an opportunity to do that. Nwa he's got an opportunity to be the focal point of a major promotion. Can't do it. I think he can. I billy brash. He's done more transform his body transforming his appearance transform his style. he's taking it to a whole 'nother level last couple years. And i think billy brash has got a long rain coming in. I me and i think adam would be very wise to build their promotion round. Billy brash. I think he's a positive influence in locker room and He's a good wrestler and the sky's the limit. He is one of those. See him while you can because much like anthony. Henry villi brash would be on that list of people i think's gonna get signed here in in the future so don't forget. Hey you're not a patron patriae dot com slash double drop kick. The link is there in the show. She might even be listening to this Through patriotic right now.

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