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You got a great to hear from you. Thank you, very very much Chris in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hello, chris. Hello, either blocking the lady Volve the fans and the players are in a very moment on little Mike is short and sweet talk talk. Holly Warlick variety is on the wall. I wind up and listen to you. There. Chris I listen to you're the second cholera on Holly Warlick, you know, some people are wondering, you know, what's going on up there. The one thing about that program is there's not really a sense of urgency because they're not playing again until next November at some point. I do think you'll hear from the university. You know, they're back in town now after the trip to a high. Oh, I'm sure they don't want to rain on the valves men's team parade. But at some point they either have to say, we're keeping her. Or relating her go my sense is they're going to let her go. But I'm a couple of hundred miles away with no real knowledge other than what you have. Thank you for the call. Let's maybe stay in Knoxville again Robert is in big orange country. Hello, robert. Hey, thank you for taking call out of cutting questions. He's real fast and do another false beat Iowa who's been between our Purdue today with chance to be tune. Then I had a question for you. Did you know who they have hockey team in Knoxville and ahead they play into the Birmingham bulls? Do you know who the now for the Birmingham bulls? Well, the first question is really easy. I mean, Purdue is the big ten they did they tie for the big ten championship. They win it outright. They michigan. Michigan state won at the one that tournament Purdue is infinitely better than than Iowa Iowa. To me looked like a middle of the pack team Purdue looks like an upper echelon team as far as the the Birmingham. Both believe it's ally gold. Yes, sir. Is that enough you need, but he is fantastic. And he's made our league better than it were. Well, listen, you you're talking about you. I e y gold is is one of the preeminent play by play broadcasters in the country. He he was one of the original people doing NASCAR. He he's done allies done. Highs very close friend of mine. So I I have mild expertise on him. But he he was doing hockey. He got his start sitting up in the rafters at Madison Square Garden. Broadcasting the games into a tape recorder as a sixteen year old that's how experienced and he he is he's also the Alabama play by play announcer. But you know, he also was the person who he was one of the first people in America in the seventies to do a an afternoon, call in radio show in Birmingham. And so I mean, he he is a pioneer still fairly young guy. But he's a pioneer in the industry. Robert, thanks for. Bring that up. Glad you could call us, and we are up against a break back with much more. So glad you are here. John hammond. Louisiana you're on the air. Go right ahead. Hey, Paul how you doing? I'm a been listening about a year. First time caller. I really enjoy your show. Thank Alison spot on. I wanted to add my two cents on this. Michigan state LSU matchup. I'm thinking, I'm not a betting guy. But I think six points is a little strong. I was looking at a whole Michigan state game. And I don't think they're going to have the athletes at in. Specifically in the guard position is I don't think them guys are used to have in like if you put a Jonathan smaller net low God, they have I don't think he's used to that just wanted to get you thoughts on I think it's actually John it's hard to it's really hard to go against LSU right now, they're playing I mean, they they've they're playing so well, they've got a little luck. They needed it. But they also made the play at the end of the game. Thank you very much for the call. Gerry Texas next up? Hello, Gary Payton ape, oh, how you doing? Thanks for taking my call. Thank you throw throw another little hat into the picture..

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