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Bright's it's the right decision regardless so finishes to in that game between Norwich and Spurs meaning the Manchester United had the opportunity to close the gap On Spurs it move up to fifth that with that win above Tottenham Hotspur now when Wagons Burnley won by two goals. So now you're telling me before Steve this performance impress you much more. Yes and the home victory against new costs which of course they won four one. Yeah I thought that she was a more all complete performance. The dangerous on the break. The shooter had more goals than they did. They gave Beaumont absolutely enough and I think I think they'd one show on target August was a was from what thirty odd steady five yards. They looked comfortable at no stage. Did I think Manchester United would not going to win. This game. Probably always way more impressed with this performance. The wars beating the Newcastle Sade. That just handed them the game last week. So why are they doing right that they haven't done in the past against these sort of teams. What's changed well? I think the problem is with teams at the Post. Beat which bundling are even away from home. The haven't luke dissolve the we're we're going to be able to break them down and in fact the looked under pressure as said I'm shocked at at school more than two goals because when Rochford was running when Moscow was running them we look to me is going to break them down and of course the took the game to them as well too many times away from home for me Mon United as much as we said the the counter attack you can't rely on going to uh-huh teams that you should be beaten. I don't think they did that today. I think they tried to go up only as often as possible and defensively we will rock solid. You talk about a team that makes you fight and challenge will bumbling made them fighting challenge and they stood up to it. He's more likely to finish. Talk for Spurs United Icons of that question but the the the two men the money united and talk them are not not in a position where we have an idea. What's going to happen when they step on the field right so to say it's going to be there are there is disingenuous? Because you don't know what you're GONNA get no money united. I would see the to look as though the beginning. He settled down a little bit more. But I'm not prepared to orange or yes yes it's going to be united So let's take a look at the standings once again shall we. Of course we saw some other big results including Everton Victory Everton with that wind today. It meaning that it is proven three collar too and so to get ahead to myself avenue moving into the top ten what that does mean as a call on chill altis got fifty premier league wins He's done it. The fifth.

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