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Milestones in the team's win over the capital Sunday night before the game hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had his number twenty seven retired. He kept on the team to it's only Stanley Cup in two thousand seven. He's also the ninth player in the NHL history to have his number retired by two teams, the devils retired his number back in two thousand eleven and goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice after two months making twenty three saves against the capitals giving him three hundred seventy five career wins. That makes him the all time wins leader by a US board goaltender breaking a tie with John Vanbiesbrouck Miller called it a nice moment saying when he was growing up watching hockey that'd be s-. Brooke was definitely a goalie. He looked up to. Protests against Trump. I'm Tim Maguire of the AP news minute people across the country demonstrate against President Trump today and his declaration of a national emergency along the border with Mexico. Put the good at a country before the good of the party to check this power grab by President Trump organized by the liberal group move on the ACLU others, the demonstrations took the occasion of president's day to sail. Trump's proclamation as undemocratic in anti immigrant. Trump traveled to Miami today for a political rally focused on Venezuela. And it's socialist government under Nicolas Maduro. Socialism is a sad and discredited ideology. Rooted in the total ignorance of history, and you mean nature in the speech, Trump delivered a public pleaded Venezuela's military to support opposition leader, Juan Widodo Harvey Weinstein sexual assault trial in New York City is being delayed until June third because of his that addition of new lawyers, I'm Tim Maguire more news right after this. Using an overpriced trash bag pricey pricey bag that breaks. Maybe or a smelly bags Hanky time to switch to hefty ultra-strong trash bags always at an ultra low price. There are best bags yet. And they cost less than glad force flex were sold head to head. So you'll be happy Abby. Ultra-strong with Armand hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. The first ever jeopardy team tournament is bringing together eighteen of the game's top players..

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