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Think that's what she needs to end she's to drop one more to tour and then stop stop work music yeah you know i i really think she should the peak man and then she could do like you know once she like has like season like chicago something no i ate i to be out here this is what i mean like she trolls might get her she might start tweeting she tweets tweets it's very chic that she does yeah probably account dummy accounts or something what are we going to enter guys that is my going to everything is love tell us what you think about it tell us where you were when the album drops and since the block affect lack of fat owner listen to summer and love happy my two favorite tracks beginning end it makes me cry listen to this thank you so much for coming to join us great at st i'm really excited i'm going to now start charging so much that would grant five minutes contact ray unless you got into show for it keo great this like why carry how to manage everything where can they find you ever they can find me on its graham and the uk because someone stole again thing twitter them reporters i and magan on twitter and kedo uk my websites congratulations on your empire oh mostly empire empire thank you so much for coming can they find me invite me is rife on twitter reifer fake on instagram facebook and yet thanks anyway onto parts instagram and soundcloud racially rate review subscribes do eat into google podcast now congo for that android with is that why you had to get basically they release in the uk and i was like wow okay and then they put on there now so yes actually asked android the recoiled like i'd rather raise a little liar she was us touching my phone's canadian on friday you know it's kind of cute keep listening guys next week with another amazing episode have a good week guys bye i'm derek i'm ray back to another episode on

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