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Wake up the next morning with a new coach. She's been empowered with a hundred million dollar contract. Right. Who has a wondering why likes to date quarterbacks? He doesn't wanna marry. That's just that's what yes, that's what Jeff Garcia said. But when you say does Derek Carr have to prove himself in answering that question my guess he does coach what? Well, I don't feel that in that sense because I don't feel Gruden has earned even though yes he has a ten year because Victor made that point hundred million. I don't feel like Jon Gruden is sitting on, you know, that foundation to be able to say prove yourself to me about what have you done for me lately. What is Jon Gruden done for me lately? So I mean so if anything, if anything Derek Carr is closer to recent successes, then Jon Gruden. I'm so I was really trying to debate around that. Do you understand what? Wait who's who's who's played or coached at a playoff level in the NFL, most recently, Derek Carr. Listen, that is exactly the answer. I just wanted to selfishly get into it because, you know, it's not a let's talk about what the raiders only that I was like, remember, they should at Amari Cooper. So, you know, so certain pieces go down around their car is the all of a sudden, not a good Puerto back. Antonio Brown goes down. We've got you know, our hunter Renfro from Clemson rookie and Williams. So I mean, I'm just saying there's, there's circumstances that could happen. I think he incorporate college football at the same time Renfro. Ooh. No, I'm saying he's experienced he's, he's senior leadership. Now after I say this hunter Renfro is going to have like two thousand receiving yards. That would be amazing. A thank you. Thank you over here in the heels we covered that fairly. Well, yeah, it's Dan Lewis. Art show with stugatz on ESPN radio and the CNN app. Nicole Briscoe, Randy Scott him for the guys stood at Drake. Get into the bucks heads into his antics, help or hurt the raptors and how do we feel about Drake in general and celebrity fans and the whole thing we have how many days four more days until game, one of the NBA finals, plenty of time to get into that Briscoe Scott in for lebatardshow the crew on ESPN radio stugatz here for Dollar Shave Club. You know, those times when every day feels the same like you're on autopilot, how.

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