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Mama Luka Shoe Vote uh-huh not me initia- show me ACIDY shooed uh-huh show Katie EH owning He Wa in Israel our our radio beautiful song by Karen Pelvis and Ron Bulk. Nick they are coming. I believe they're coming together to whole bunch of places all over the United States. Boston Austin New York City Palo Alto and Los Angeles checkout all the information get tickets at my Israeli music dot com. Click on the Israeli concerts. Tab Job MY ISRAELI MUSIC DOT COM. That was Karen Pederson. Rhone Book Nick with ever Lanna Har- and before that pair touchy with Derek Shalom on Israel. Our radio thank you so much. You're tuning in. There's so many ways that you can connect if you're an Israeli music fan and I know you are. You can join our WHATSAPP group. Send me a message on. What's APP to join line at seven? Three two eight four four nine seven seven eight. Just let me know that you want to join the group and we'll get you right in. We also have a new facebook group called Israel. Our radio fans ends. That's Israel our radio fans and it is a great way to connect on facebook Discussed Israeli music discussed the show. See Talk about a concert that you we saw. Please join it at facebook dot no search on facebook for Israel our radio fans. We'd love to.

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