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It's not a particularly grisly show but i do think that they're expanding the show oh and like taking chances this season like it's not all about king george this season right yeah we get to know we get to spend time with bill and wendy and their their situations and i i love that <hes> oh man the way it ends. I'm dying for season three that peter gabriel song. I also also appreciate that they use when they play songs and things like that in their that their their songs you would have heard on the radio at that time. They're not just the biggest hit of the year. So you'll recognize they'll play out of yeah yeah yeah and there's a lot of eighties movies even some that i like that <hes> people admire are in the kid so wrong. We're like i mean and i love come on eileen but that's not a song that people were regularly people. Were not jamming on the rig to come on eileen in one thousand nine hundred seven that is a very specifically typically sort of one thousand nine hundred eighty two eighty three yeah. I love when people do that. Well appear gabriel peter gabriel. He was very good also genesis very good. I've been listening to the album duke by genesis a lot and it's very very good getting a lot of newfound respect for phil collins but mainly mainly i think by virtue of my constant access to john roderick. I don't dislike billy joel. I will not abide john's billy joel bashing. I think it's highly inappropriate to bash billy joel. I didn't know he was doing that always a bashar. He's bashing jerry bashar and but i am appreciating appreciating for collins first of all. He seems like a really cool nice guy. I never would have gotten that because here's the thing i knew of phil collins in genesis uscis basically really from the mtv era when abba cab the via for advocate was on all the time in nineteen eighty two but then then he kind of that terrible period with genesis. You know i mean it was just awful to me. They were awful. I mean going to high school. In in the mid eighties early. Mid eighties was rough. It was a pretty crummy time for music ministry music but really you know and then it was toward the end of high school that that i went back into the peter gabriel period of genesis buying the used cassettes that i could afford of course everybody loves the air tonight but i started to you know as i got older i more and more appreciated the dad rock of duke like it's fine. It's got turn it on again. It's got misunderstanding like really good songs got behind. The lines like really good songs so i'm just here to say. I'm sorry for got wrong. Buddy shame phil kearns. How's he doing. You know it's tough he. If you go and listen to <hes> i wanna say oh you know what it was. A great episode of hip parade wonderful episode of hip parade with chris alantheia alantheia podcast i very highly recommend and it's basically about peter gabriel phil collins and genesis and the so the whole point of his show is he generally takes a week back. Were there are some interesting jumping off point a billboard anomaly something around billboard hot one hundred that he can do <hes> you know basically an hour and a half about and he's terrific and that show is nominally about that episode is nominally about how strange it is that phil collins peter gabriel in genesis did something highly unusual which which is that not unheard of but very rare is that people consistently score hits or a claim or whatever as but especially you know hits as a band and as solo artist how unusual that is and especially that both the band and the solo artist both continued to get more popular rather than one getting less popular and that just how strange that was for phil collins genesis that was almost unheard of for the band and the solo act to both be succeeding on the charts brian..

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