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Should we have to pay for the gender studies majors and the goat yoga people? Is that a thing? It's a thing. Google it. It's a thing. There are some schools that are actually advertising infinity pools. You say, what is an infinity pool? Those are rooftop pools that make it look like you're going to swim over the edge. Which is a little bit. These are you would expect that at some sort of a high end posture resort, not the local university or college. But this is what they're doing. They're squandering our tax money. Who needs to go on a vacation when you can just go to college? Yes. Just do the actual campus that is. No, exactly. I mean, when you look at all the buildings going up, we're paying for all of that stuff. That's true. Michigan technical Michigan technological university. They have a campus on campus, ski resort. A 112 acres of ski friendly terrain. Pomona college. They have an annual ski beach day. They actually have buses that take the college kids to the beach and a mountain resort for fun in the snow and the ocean. Oh, that sounds like a lovely day. Boston University looks some of these schools are private, I get it. Boston University, 26 story glass dorm, a condo with private bathrooms, walk in closets, and you get your own complimentary flat screen TV. Pretty snazzy. The university of Missouri. You guys have a lazy river that runs through campus. There's also a sauna and Whirlpool, hot tubs, and an on campus beach club. There's also a racquetball court and various other full courts where endless games. This is unbelievable stuff here. The university of Wisconsin in Madison. The student union has a bowling alley, art gallery climbing wall, billiard hall,

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