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I heard that times have changed and there's been then he experienced that change and that there was you know the other party didn't say you know is that white people didn't want to sit next to black people in the stadium and and you know unfortunately you know we are experiencing similar attitudes today I mean one of things my dad told me is that in in the sixties and some rights movement we were fighting to change loss he said would you you know you can't legislate hate you know hate it will be around and what it will be a constant struggle and we certainly are saying that today he's very divided so I don't think he was you want to save that schools are re segregated and and in many places and in America and you know it's a lessons we can learn from the nineteen sixty three or the or the civil rights movement from the mid fifties through the sixties we passes the civil rights act in nineteen sixty four but we still are living in a very divided world Mister Robinson you talk about the private family and that not the Robinson family had a public face yes did you parents have to walk that line quite a bit no one in the sense that they were cultural icons Mr father was a kind of cultural icon and yet they have personal feelings as well you know I.

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