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The benefits of driving all electric Jaguar. I pay SUV from raycatena Jaguars Edison or Jaguar Marlboro for the dug out of a five nothing whole last night in Anaheim. They score two in the six three in the seven of walks along the way, helping their cause. And then in the ninth two outs. Nobody on Tyler Wade singles he still second base. Have brought DJ LeMay hue to the plate. All right Bill. There's. Here comes Wayne he will score. It is a. RBI DJ LeMay do and the Yankees down five nothing now take a six five ninth inning league inside out soft line drive saying to write healed, and it came on a one to pitch LeMay you two for four with the double three RBI's of all this Jabeen close it out in the bottom half. Yes, sir. This may be what was his home run. Call for lumbago. Have we heard it yet? One day. I think he's got one or two. I don't remember. He hasn't hit one. Maybe I'm wrong about the has. I did not hear it. I will be honest. I don't remember nothing stands out. I feel like if it were something something big. I would have remembered it he has one home run. Go off to go dig that up. I will find that one. That was annexed. Our I will play Johns home run call for DJ LeMay twentieth. By the way, there you go. Very good. Thanks eddy. Fed. He knows how to get into the Yankees folder in Burley. He can go pulled right now as I'm talking perhaps six five comeback win for the Yankees physician for the four-game sweep LeMay, Hugh breaking out of a three thirty seven slump in a big way. Here's Aaron Boone such a good hitter that he can Aken self-correct on the fly. And in a hurry at in general on his makeshift team right now finding a way to come back and win the game. Also showed was there confident resilience, and they continue to play Tyler Wade right in the middle of it. Especially after bit of a base running gaffe in the seventh grade play by Mike trout on a deep flying all the center. Yes. It was so trout makes a real nice play going all the way back reaches over his shoulder. Throws the ball back into the second basement, actually, the cutoff man tags up. He goes back to second. And then I guess the second baseman kind of tossed the ball to Simmons shortstop who. Went in behind Wade. And Wade just play was over. He kind of took his foot off the bag for a second Simmons tags and quickly. I think the call on the field actually was safe, right? And they overturned it on video review or I don't know if you. I'm not sure how would you get off the base strange maybe figure like okay, not that he didn't like drift off multiple lifted? His foot for a second straight agency Simmons behind him tagged him. And then they got the inning ending double play in the game was tied at that point five five in the seventh and they had a man in scoring position. I'd hang on for one second. Here. We go..

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