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Charged in the shooting death of ahmaud Arbery are now facing life in prison It's up to a judge whether that comes with or without the possibility of parole CBS is Omar via franca has more on the verdict in Georgia Their attorneys say they're disappointed but respect the jury's decision We understand that they feel they have gotten justice today We respect that We honor that Travis mcmichael The man who pulled the trigger was found guilty on all charges His father Greg mcmichael was found guilty on all but one count of malice murder And neighbor William roddy Bryan who recorded the fatal encounter on a cell phone was found guilty on 6 counts including felony murder I'm Steve Dorsey in Washington in a statement President Biden praised the guilty verdict saying they ensure that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished However the president said the country must do more to fight for racial justice and to ensure no one fears violence because of the color of their skin Steve Dorsey CBS News Washington and we are getting local reaction to the verdicts in the imad arbury murder case Prince George's county state's attorney Aisha braveboy says justice has been served in a statement she calls the attack on Arbery a modern day lynching of an innocent young man We're also hearing from the former state's attorney of prince George's county Glen ivy on the jury's decision It looked like they put a lot of time and effort into sorting through the evidence and applying the law But the outcome of this trial and that of Kyle rittenhouse has IV wondering Do you have to have video of clearer evidence of guilt in order to get a conviction in these cases I think that's a concern we're going to have going forward Michelle bash News Coming up looks like we have some pretty nice weather on tap today before rain arrives tonight will get the forecast for you at 7 37 Hi I'm Patrick Bengals owner and new lacombe design New look is changing the way homeowners get a new roof Why 'cause they always snakes You call a few roofers some call you back but most don't You get a few estimates and some will make sense but most won't Then you pick someone to do a great job cross your fingers and you just hope but guess what Nope and new look we're different First of all scheduling an estimate is easy We all for same day onsite or virtual appointments and we have TPT Total price transparency We give you line by line easy to understand pricing And it's all backed by a 13 point project management process So you know exactly what's happening It's out with the old way.

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