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Accident walking a couple lines on the north that late is down at will send a getting landed in the Gulf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center best chance for showers and thunderstorms into the weekend but until then clear to partly cloudy tonight forty eight tomorrow partly cloudy seventy one for your Christmas by Thursday pretty nice to sunny cloud seventy two then Friday clouds seventy two I'm meteorologist Craig Ross from the weather channel at seventy at the cave all right nasco gaming weather center rockets owner Tilman for Tina is acquiring a chain of restaurants from their bankrupt owner Landry's was the only better for the parent company of Kansas based who'll hands restaurants the company filed for bankruptcy last month officials are identifying the soldier killed in Afghanistan this week he was a thirty three year old from New Jersey and was killed by a roadside bomb just weeks away from coming home the search is on for whoever's responsible for Carol killing nearly two dozen horses in Kentucky so far twenty one horses have been found shot over the past two weeks in the eastern part of the state a reward of twenty thousand dollars is being offered for information on whoever is responsible now more of the Michael berry show I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. terror H. for my friends a dean M. leasing you don't have a dean M. car did you know that over thirty six percent the cars on the road right now released if you're in the market for a new car and you have a look to the leasing there's no better time than right now the name is offering the lowest rates by any company and they were paying and early termination penalty I can see why the intimacy more first time leases than ever before as the price of cars increase people are financing their vehicles longer and longer it's pretty weird on them up right leasing offers lower monthly.

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