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Vice president Gabriella Lopez helped draft the plan. We've definitely been hearing the needs for our families to get more clarity, detailed information about our plans. Any plan would still need teacher buy in. But Lopez says she hopes more detailed information and transparency will help build trust. A final vote on the resolution is expected later this month. I'm Daniel Kick you in the news. Despite a months long statewide campaign to get more public school students, they're required vaccinations. Thousands are still behind Media's Julia McAvoy reports. State law requires proof that students are immunized in order to attend school. Even remotely West Contra cost a unified superintendent Matthew Duffy estimates at least 600 students in his district are still missing their shots. You have some kids and families were trying to figure that out with them, because it's just harder to get the doctor's the California immunization coalitions. Catherine Flores Martin Says some schools are reluctant to follow the law and stop students from attending. During this time of covert upheaval. I think the schools are easy with adding more of a burden on the families to make them go get their shots before they can continue their work at school. Florida's Martin says The hope is that as more schools reopened for hybrid learning on campus There may be a way for students to catch up with on site vaccinations. There. I'm Julia Mack of Way Cootie news and there is more at dot org's good morning. I'm Brian. What support today comes from total wine and more with more than 1000 wines and specialists to provide advice on holiday gifting. Coming up on morning edition. A new Covad 19 treatment for mild to moderate symptoms will soon be available for emergency use..

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