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Thing the rock wanted to do in your class was make pancakes we came to the wrong unfortunately I'm all out of and Jemima well Roxy's this you should know your role and shut your mouth yeah he goes on that's twenty of that a little old woman yeah and he just goes off on her I like everybody who comes out for the disappear like segment the rock goes off on the and and I love I mean I love the little come I love the little comments that Lawler makes like you when you make those noises he doesn't know okay here's Tyrone on WGN has their own trying to cut well two things here yeah the last time I called you about wrestling I still think that was Kerry Kerry to turn around and wave to the camera we're thinking it's not but that's okay because why would he do that like a big leg if it wasn't him well because he is a guy who wants to get on TV who's in the audience the Emmy plot of people would like to get on TV with their if they're in the audience that's but that's all it is okay well I heard that of all their ability their wrestlers that there ever wore more old women hated this wrestler more than any other wrestler because they thought he was such a smart aleck yeah and I want your opinion about this and that was Nick Bockwinkel I love I love Nick Bockwinkel me to love Nick Bockwinkel as one might wonder what one of my favorites of all time and yeah I can understand he was if he was a heel Tyrone and he did his job well so you know that's why nobody else did an interview like Nick but he was great he was great Nick Bockwinkel was unbelievable he's a he's a legend so your fan to Jim I love Nick Bockwinkel yeah that's I would I would race home from school or cedar view way on ESPN yeah yeah we gold promos for the classic now he cut great promos he was the he was great Nick Buckley was easy is one of those guys that said you know he's in the upper echelon of of pro wrestlers in every department he was great in the ring and he was great on the Mike just terrific he greets you with a quick car handing al yeah you need to be away from the hospital there probably toward the end for him but handing another great one another greatly talk absolutely yeah those guys are Tyrone thanks for the call three one two nine eight one seven two hundred are you familiar Nick Bockwinkel Tom is this but way before your time I am not unfortunately I'll have to yeah you getting okay good good to go back and do so go back and watch some of these classic promos in wrestling matches like this that you've got you've got a diet for me a media diet that I don't know if I can keep up would have got the fever pitch yeah yeah my Daddy and everyone's favorite pastime save that for this weekend I went treat myself me I'm gonna bring my cat home yeah I can't get my get any takers he he's getting a cat yeah lots of people are just talking about this Jim be in in the time of this corona virus and quarantine lots of people are going out and getting cats in adopting pets like a lot of the shelters are empty are running out are in which is awesome that's amazing yeah yeah it's really awesome and Tom's got himself a cat and a any you get it you did a good thing to get an eight year old cat now to Kenya reporter zero one well yes he said you know it's one of those and I and I know a lot of people who get who who want to support you know shelters and things like that a lot of people will you know will lot will adopt like a cat with one eye yeah account with like what we've got three legs because nobody's gonna you don't have to do is immediately you know a lot of people go I wanted to chat with three legs it's too weird but I'd like to get out there but their animals man and you don't understand holes you know the only thing wrong with Tigger other than being a little overweight is that fifteen pounds wow that's a big cat big lad but he he kids cat acne Ted Anthony we'll get like is that he really does seriously yeah that that's the thing cats can get acne I don't know that answer I never had a cat with acne but ruffled the big fat cat that we had which you see a picture of it it's the biggest cat I've ever seen in my life I was I I happen to you know he was my cat for a few years when I'm when I lived with other now he would get he would get googly eyed he would have a good we I would have to like wipe the goo off of his I. that was that was how do you treat the feline acne it's it's really not that big of a deal C. ten that I mean they they we were we were told that the best thing to do is is there just haven't eat out of a metal bowl because it's they find that it's generally the plastic bowls into something in there okay so that's an easy fix right get a metal bowl and then make him listen to metal maybe maybe ever put on some Sabbath metal Sabbath it'll clear up your skin right away yeah so you're gonna get your cat you can watch fever pitch with your cat yeah and then you know I never actually got to see cats so god but man you're gonna watch caps with again with the cat at home but I wonder if that would be considered like abusive or something to make a cash advance the abusive to you to yourself yeah it's a necessary evil yeah yeah yeah I don't drink anymore but I recommend that you do if you're gonna watch cats so all right Jim hang on okay hi Jim Ryan is with us we got to a lot more stuff to talk about more articles and stuff he's written about if you want to jump in at all it's three one two nine eight one seven two hundred on WGN you know these classic TV theme I'm not gonna go you're laughing and watching and over the years to our check your.

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