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For tomorrow that may or may not be capped gerald and rob rob k so there you go and they're off again so this is another camp that we have out here along the river it looks like a vast nothing this they marches down into a labyrinth of bramble in bushes entangled tunnels through mukesh mud and a quarter of a mile in telltale garbage can then a camp pillow oh so hoarders hello they went in there eventually a guy named john comes out no i do not do hurled two when it would stay away from this yes sir stacy and kaitlan talk john into going in getting an idea the next day hey john can we can pick up tomorrow putting okay while maybe like 1030 lenin it's been doing this job long enough that i realize that we can't arrest our way out of a lot of the people that we do come in contact with have been arrested in numerous times cbs but they haven't changed their behavior and then next to the mission in downtown average there's a man on his back she unzips his jackets jets the crowd back off officer kevin dave shows up hello.

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