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That a just killing me here you got accommodate asinine it's just it's the arrested area smarter the fabian but they were just a little further off uh up against the rocks we had the few trout that we caught we're in the fourteen to say seventeen inch range but we may have had a dozen in insee three hours and really what and um a fast furious white but after seeing that one shrimp and moving out just a little deeper redouble what we caught up but it was just a little bit deep water and like you said they were all smaller 12 to say thirteen and a half was our average fish the net deep water but there was so plentiful we just stuck with him as long as we could how about some other areas what's going on in other areas like shout fall the ball in all the wall and maybe even up and go hagans we haven't heard much about that but that's a great cold weather spot go hager cold weather spot i gotta report tomase without way captain that fish soup with that earlier weeks and it was dirtied up from barges moving in and out of it uh the very back corner i guess that would be the eastern satellite on the the big pond there that was where there was some clean water and he caught a few fish and then it but he really didn't like the turbulence from those barges move within it out and most of the water the area was dirty so we left uh may have an answer for your uh listener that had bad luck into bolok see march um historically the biloxi marsh in wintertime is about five degrees colder than like puncher train is it's a big vast area but overall it's a lot shell at work so cools down quicker it also warms up quicker but this time of year we have much more darkness than daylight and water temperatures are probably i don't make punch trains running around fifty fifty point five degrees to a blocked marsh i would assume who's in the forty five degree range water temperature and that's brutally co host of trump mike the we always ask about those bridges to jamaica trip there did you go i was crossing back over thursday afternoon and i mean.

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