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Crime chieftain Whitey Bulger just twenty four hours after being transferred to a new prison in West Virginia. He was found severely beaten. According to the New York Times officials telling the times he was attacked with a padlock stuffed inside a sock. And you're be responding to the maximum security. They advised APR in progress. One of the key suspects in the killing mob. Hitman, Freddie, Jesus who is serving a life sentence at that West Virginia prison for the murder of another member of a crime family. A former prosecutor telling the Boston Globe. Freddie hated rat. ABC's GIO Benitez in Missouri legal beef over vegetarian meat when is me not meet when it's made out of vegetable protein, at least in the state of Missouri where it's a misdemeanor to call such products. That now a vegetarian food maker has asked a federal judge to change that Oregon based company claims along infringes on its constitutional free speech rights to use product labels such as veggie, burgers vegetarian, ham, roast sharia, style sausage. It's asking for a preliminary injunction while a court settles the matter once and for all. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Piedmont, airlines employees had been over served the night before and was hungover when he showed up for work at the Kansas City airport where he probably fell asleep in the cargo hold of a jet liner. And. Took the one hour ride to Chicago. Groundwork is at O'Hare woke him up his future very much up in the air. This is ABC news. Oil. The updated forecast, I'm wwl Kyi chief meteorologist j Cardo see certainly those rain chances continue overnight and also through your Thursday. There could be some locally heavy rainfall again Thursday morning through the middle of the day. And then that should push off to the east. Those temperatures will be in the lower to middle sixties overnight tonight through daybreak Thursday. And then we'll settle back into the fifties later in the afternoon. That's your wwl kY forecast. I'm chief meteorologist j courtesy.

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