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Fire from a sales standpoint. And free food and deals for Father's Day. We'll have a rundown for you in about twenty minutes. Google's algorithm. Wraps up people places in things into boxes that the company calls knowledge, panels, the panels. Gather information from Wikipedia and many other sources on the internet, the panels once popped up for important historical figures other famous people now they appear for all kinds of people, and when they contain significant mistakes, they can be difficult to fix. It's a story by Shalini Ramachandran reporter at the Wall Street Journal, Shalini explain what goes done over the last several years is it's try to make it. Search more easily digestible by creating these panels, which are algorithm ethically done that, you know, are about people places and things. But when it's when it was like Marie Curie, George Washington, you're sorta. Yeah. That's an easy way to figure out who they are. And what they are up to, but over the years, their knowledge panels have become have started. Incorporate. Kind of not raid famous people because their understanding of how you're connected to those, and that has has increased. And so a lot of not very famous people have Google themselves to find a panel on the right side of their search landing pages. That's very wrong. And they've had real trouble trying to fix it and have found that a lot of business opportunities that may have fallen through or have their getting a lot of weird questions when opera singer was saying that he spent fourteen months trying to scrub her ex husband off of her panel. So it can get personnel. How does how do the panels get incorrect in the first place? Google pulls in the information from various sources on the internet. So it's unclear it's, it's all algorithm, Eighthly done. So it's not a human seating. Darren creating them. Nothing is vetted. For accuracy before it goes up on your Google landing page unless you're a political candidate or health disorder, but that's not even be. But. Every everything else is not vetted. And so incorrect information can come from Wikipedia vandalism.

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