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It's 27 in fairfax and 35° on the national mall at ten 41. A group of churches and temples in the Capitol Hill neighborhood have helped hundreds of refugees resettle in the D.C. region since 2016. And this weekend, they're celebrating a milestone. We all work with the United States Army in Afghanistan. Come Muhammad has been in the D.C. area now for 7 years, but his brother raz has finally arrived after fleeing, post U.S. withdrawal. We were not feeling safe. We didn't know what's going to happen next. So right now we are free and we are so happy. Raz's wife and kids joined him and they are now the 100th family that the good neighbors of Capitol Hill refugee resettlement project has helped by furnishing an apartment in Riverdale, including beds, food, and even TVs. If you go to their house, you feel like they've been living in the house for years, like they brought everything in the house. Luke Luger, WTO, penis. The Chesapeake Bay is getting about, well, nearly $34 million in conservation grants, the national fish and wildlife foundation announced the grants Friday to support the restoration and conservation of the bay watershed. The 104 grants will support community lab approaches to reduce pollution to local rivers and streams, restore habitats and improve rural and urban communities across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Cutting back the door are excuse me, cracking the back door to let your cat out may seem harmless, but those daily outings could come with some serious risks for your cat. Some of the biggest concerns transmitting diseases like rabies in a cat's instinct to hunt and kill wildlife. An instinct that a new study out of the university of Maryland shows reduces native animal populations and impacts biodiversity. The D.C. cat count survey used data from 60 wildlife cameras across the district, they found that a domestic cat has a 56% chance of running into possums and a 61% chance of encountering red foxes encounters that increase their chance of bringing home rabies, outdoor cats were also found to threaten native wildlife, the study concluded that cat lovers bear the responsibility to keep their feline Friends indoors. Melissa Howell WTO penis. Coming up on WTO, it is something no one did just 30 years ago, but now it happens 2 trillion times a year in the U.S. alone. It's ten 43. Beach day across our country in big cities and small towns, highly skilled nurses make home visits to thousands of seniors. These free annual exams are part of House calls from UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage. From a systemic perspective, this service is part of the solution to major challenges like access and affordability. But what are House calls like on a personal level? Here's what darlene menacing, a UnitedHealthcare nurse has to say. The best thing about being a House calls nurse, the time that I'm allowed with the members in their home. We do a thorough exam. We're listening to everything that's going on in their lives. I want them to get whatever resources they might need to be healthy. And then follow up, scheduling doctor's appointments. What inspired me to get into nursing was taking care of my grandmother. Everyone deserves the kind of care that I was able to give my grandmother. House calls from UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage. Learn more at UHT dot com slash House calls, House calls

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