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Privacy that's the all star pitcher and to do that he needs to have all the lower half this is the right move for us all for this season as well as for long term yes son Presley to a two year seventeen and a half million dollar extension before the start of the season gas prices around Houston are keeping going in the right direction direction for drivers you need to fill out dropping in Houston the average dropped five cents on the week two thirty five the statewide average dropped to cents of the week then you are Brewster Tripoli Texas is that we were wrapping twenty six cents more for a gallon of gas last year and with the end of the summer driving season here the experts say that prices could go down even further flu season is starting federal government officials say that they are not planning to vaccinate by guards detained in Texas shelters though due to the complexities of operating a vaccination program to the customs nor its medical contractors will be giving flu shots to those detained asylum seekers this comes despite the death of three migrant children due to complications from the virus Baylor's Dr Peter hotels is a vaccine experts I don't understand look let's face it influenza is probably the leading infectious disease killer of Americans he says kids are not being transferred out of custody quickly and overcrowded conditions make it easy for infectious diseases to spread and that was Michael board in San Antonio Katie Eridge news time is three oh three a former MLB great taking himself out of the game winning shot for a seat in the capital fox bent apologized has that story Roger Clemens is saying thanks but no thanks to the halls of Congress the seven time Cy Young winning pitcher says he reached out to Texas Republican congressman Pete Olson to express his gratitude but says he has no interest in running for the soon to be vacated seat of the retiring representative Clemons a supporter of president Donald Trump a registered Republican saying quote the climate in politics at this time is much more than I would want to undertake along with my family considerations and quote the fifty seven year old former Boston Red Sox New York Yankees ace is currently a special assistant to Houston Astros general manager Jeff Lynne no man apartado fox news and the hometown nine were on fire last night at minute maid park as they wrapped up before game series with Tigers Alex Bregman got things going for distros in the fourth inning right.

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