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Well let's let's let's you don't WanNa do no no no okay. We won't do an end. Well though this is just a little little show just a little show. Oh is this the teasers I just the teaser okay. So the chef guys coming up. We have met meadow as an interview. We have Jay. We have Michael. We're going to be talking about excursions we're GONNA be talking about Tom's crowned grill enjoyment. We're GONNA be talking about the pop up restaurant crab shack. We're GONNA be talking about the line dancing saying that they do in the atrium. We're GONNA be talking about the shows the Broadway shows. What else are we talking about? We're here we're a cover everything we're gonNA talk about the medallion and how it works around the ship All the different types of experiences. What it does? How make it work for you and then make your cruise experience ten times even better? That is awesome so you know what I what I want to sell you one thing. Yeah so one and I was before we depart on this little mini. Show this little mini episode. Tell me what was the one fund thing that you did on the royal princess. Just one little thing one little thing. I did fun on the Royal Prince. Yes I would have to say the line dancing. My wife pushed me into it and I was like I'm I'm GonNa go line dancing and Matto telling me well you didn't take my class. Okay but I did it. That was a lot of fun a lot a a lot a lot of fun so the one thing that I really enjoyed and I'm I'm GonNa be honest with you. Is the princess luxury bed. Does this little bed. Ed is the most amazing why we could never find you. Actually on the medallion. I'd say where's Tom. Oh look taken up. I I'm telling you this bed. Head is amazing so they have nap time on this ship. Well I make naptime happen. When is naptime probably around? Three o'clock three o'clock is nap after the enclave after the enclave is naptime. Yeah exactly exactly. Did you find any ducks. No we put out. I know you those product. You're not looking for any ducks. It's no oh I'm thinking about the play. I'm thinking about the princess luxury bed. Oh yes that was awesome. I love that. Yeah and the food. Oh my gosh the food we're again we're gonNA talk about all. This mini episode is now wrapping up. Because you know what what is our last day on the cruise ship. Yep and so we WANNA I.

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Matto, Royal Prince, TOM discussed on The Cruise Dudes Podcast

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