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The September eleventh terror attacks. The tolling of bells marked a passenger planes impact with the World Trade Center and when the towers fell nineteen years ago. Corcoran. The pandemic meant the recitation of names of the two, thousand, seven, hundred, fifty, three victims was recorded at the official commemoration. Raymond. Brent. Hearst and read in person at an alternate ceremony nearby. Just. that. We read their names alowed remembrance of one unimaginable event altered by another Aaron Katersky ABC news new on the nineteenth anniversary of nine eleven. President trump heralded a new diplomatic agreement in the Middle East President Trump announced Friday that Bahrain will normalize diplomatic relations with Israel the president called this quote a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East the sand was loaded up with blood. And now you're GONNA see that. A lot of that sand is going to be loaded up with the Israel. Bahrain announcement comes on the heels of the US brokered agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to establish full diplomatic relations on the condition that Israel commit to not annexing parts of the West Bank Karen Travers ABC News Washington the skies over California glowed a dark orange this week as wind swept erratic wildfires escalated across ten western states. Officials are making grim discoveries in Oregon Washington and California including the death of a child more from ABC's Matt Gutman. The door complex fire rapidly growing into one of the largest in California's history at its worst torched thousand acres. Every thirty minutes sending thousands fleeing in Oregon where forty eight wildfires burning throughout the state one fire galloping through towns around Medford Oregon with ferocity. This could be the greatest loss of human lives and property due to wildfire in our state's history Chevrolet image, showing what Phoenix just south of for looked like earlier this week from space, the entire west coast smothered in smoke on. Let's. Tens of thousands of evacuees, clogging roadways as they drove through that orange hell scape firefighters stretched thin across the state and in Medford we saw helicopters making dozens of drops. California passing the grim milestone of two million acres burned a record, the and fire in Monterey County moving. So quickly, fifteen firefighters were forced to deploy fire shelters. Those are only used when their lives are in immediate danger. The fires in the Medford area destroyed about six hundred homes. You don't only get a sense of the scale of destruction, but also entire landscape leached of color. This is a sea of grey, an ash and kristen metal in another neighborhood Tim Engelhardt took us with him to see of his home was still there with landmarks gone the neighborhood unrecognizable friend of ours house here. A couple brands and Destroyed I. Even find. He was with his daughters and grandson picking through the wreckage I'm I'm so surprised that the people was able to get out of here alive his grandson Andrei finding his prized possession eight light up keyboard earned himself. Special special personal gift that he got learning Durant is bikes. Remember what we say clicked. replaceable right. Right. Okay. Being on something close Gary. With, four months still to go until the end of wildfire season, this year has already produced historic destruction in Washington fire claiming the life of a one year old boy and badly burning his parents. ABC's Matt Gunman as a country countdown to election day there's new evidence of foreign interference. Microsoft says it's detected and stopped a series of cyber attacks from hackers and Russia China and Iran targeted the trump and biden campaigns. ABC's Pierre Thomas says the Treasury Department has sanctioned a Ukrainian lawmaker for attempting to influence the November election stunning new accusations against Ukrainian lawmaker Andre Dirk catch who worked alongside the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani the Treasury Department is now sanctioning dirk catch claiming that he's been an actor Russian. Agent for over a decade who maintained close connection with Russian Intelligence Services Giuliani joining forces winter cashing an effort to prove the entire probe into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign was a hoax. My goal here is just one simple goal, and that is to defend the president of the United States individually against the original false charges a Russian collusion but authorities have developed evidence that Giuliani was apparently collaborating with the enemy according to the Treasury Department. Recent months dirk catch has been trying to illegally undermine the upcoming twenty, twenty US election accusing dirk catch of spreading false and unsubstantiated narratives about US officials authorities say this past Spring Dirk has released a series of heavily edited audiotapes decide to. In the US presidential race, some of those tapes attempting to smear Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter ABC's Pierre Thomas. Some people deny there's any attempt by Russia to interfere in the election ABC News Senior Congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has a new whistle has come forward alleging he was told to withhold that information probably former top official at the Department of Homeland. Security says, the trump administration tried to quote sensor or manipulate intelligence for political gain Brian Murphy says he was told to stop producing intelligence reports on Russian interference in the two thousand, twenty election in part because it quote made the President Look Bad. Now, we know from US intelligence that Russia. is trying to spread misinformation to try and boost the president's reelection chances. But Murphy says he was told to stand down on reporting the Russian threat. He says, the order came directly from the Acting Secretary Chad. Wolf and he was told a quote specifically originated from the White House. Murphy also claims that he was told to downplay the threat posed by violent white supremacists and to instead include information in his reports on violent left-wing group so that it better matched up with the president's public comments on this. Now, the White House says that Murphy's whistleblower complaint is based on false allegations that he adjusts flatly denying these claims and Democrats are outraged and investigating they're calling. To testify later this month ABC's Mary. Bruce it's illegal to vote twice an election but one state is investigating cases of double voting in the primary fills Georgia investigating voters casting two ballots one via mail, and another on election day we have found potentially one thousand cases of double voting here in Georgia Secretary of State Brad Ravensburger says the cases we're in about one hundred counties during the June ninth primary and runoff elections on August eleventh. He says some of the alleged double votes were recorded, but they did not impact the outcome of the election Lionel MOYSE ABC News a federal court finds that President Trump's attempt to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census count violates. The law three judge panel in New York says, the commerce secretary can't leave out people who are living in the country illegally from census population totals which are used to determine congressional seats. The judges say those living in the country illegally do qualify to be counted, but the judges didn't say whether President Trump's July order violated the constitution, the ACLU calling this a huge victory for voting immigration rights census count is sent to wrap at the end of September Andy Field ABC News. The Justice Department is seeking to take over president trump's defense in a defamation case brought by advice columnist e Jean. Carroll Attorney General William Bar officials who are elected hand answer press questions. While they're in office even if those questions relate to their personal activity. and could bear upon their personal fitness. is in.

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