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Decapitated. Joe borough pick six and didn't get called for it. And Brandon more does there is no foul for late hit out about old by. Look these offensive lineman. Somebody's gonna step up and hit somebody in Joe Berle needs to do this. I think it should have actually been a late. Hit job rural gave himself up was one full step out of bounds with his right foot. It wasn't much of a hit by Brandon more. But it was enough. It could've propelled the quarterback into the bench. And that's more people get hurt. But at the end of the day, you're right. It's about to get chip. LSU acts like they should act like they need to be out here point. I intent UCF thirty nights NAFTA borough. Handoff Edwards e Laryea stacked up a loss at two on the play to the forty one yard line. Second down and twelve coming up four fifty three to go. First quarter, PlayStation, fiesta, bowl, fourteen three UCLA. GB? I think the biggest advantage LSU has is upfront offensive line. Big running backs running downhill the right now LSU's offensive line is having trouble with what they call the landmarks. It's who to get and how to get there to get him in LSU is just not getting people had it up on that offensive line in the run game borough told us how important that run game would be in the first quarter second out snap. He unloaded to throw. Its tip. Didn't incomplete batted away by Clark who was riding Jefferson to the ground on a quick hitter for borough third and twelve once again, very. Little separation between the receiver running. Dig row, just a Jefferson and Clark. And that's what we've seen most of the time very little separation the passes that have been completed have been thrown in to narrow windows by Joe. Road out faced with a third down and twelve from the forty one at UCF territory. He deploys trips to the left. We're all out of the gun takes the staff. He dances back at great pressure. Coming. Pets there and twists him down at the forty eight yard line. Kyle Gibson a safety with a sack for UCF. There are plaques down on the play at the forty nine yard line. Let's play was over sports conduct number fifty eight defense his first of the game fifteen yard penalty for style. It's Randy Charlton the freshman out of Miami. And it's a first down LSU. Just a needless penalty was celebrating waving his arms in the air. And he draws the flag. Carl Gibson snuck down late the running back came up to get the other Blitzer and then Gibson was.

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