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At how phil mickelson swing. Is he still misses a lot of fairways. So it's not perfect that bryce still hits it everywhere right. But the level of dispersion is getting less and less and less and less and less and less and we're gonna eventually all being forty eight inch shafts. Promise you in four years. We're all going to be forty. And shaft shaft. companies are going to figure out a way to make forty eight shafts. Be just as forgiving. His forty five or if they're not just forgiving. You're gaining more distant. The data's going to tell us that you know hitting we're going to go in that way and we're gonna have the same conversation every year because if you talk to the guy in nineteen twenty year old tom morris whatever and they're like all that guy nineteen fifty hits way too far what we're having the same conversation. 'cause everybody in their generation wants it to stay the same in their generation period right so it's always the next generations that pushes the envelope and makes it different. So i'm not saying we go back in time. I don't wanna go backwards you can. You can change it by making it more. Skill based than it is simply brute strength and that's not by making. The ball goes shorter. It's making more difficult to keep it straight and keeping the fairway and stuff like that agree. I would say for the most part. Yeah yeah no. That's i i wanna know. What what about that you know. I i think. I think what you said there. I agree with that it just making go. Shorter does not does not like addressed the issue. No i think it's a common misconception about the whole issue. it's not like twenty percent rollback. I one don't ones arguing. twenty percent. Ten percent would be enormous. Ten percent would be too much. I think in my mind of just a rollback. And that's a separate conversation of just making the ball go. Shortages along are going to have long or short short. Didn't do any difference. I guess one of many points have on. This is like what it just doesn't make sense to stretch the scale of golf any further than it already is like. It doesn't make sense to go further back. And if you don't go further back it's still going to be driver wedge which i think is that interesting right. If we're shrinking the scale one by either making the ball go less distance or to addressing it by making harder control smaller driver heads more risk in it going far to the point where i can get excited. If roy hits a drive over the corner has wedge earned earned it before yeah. I am amazed by three thirty drives in the fairway anymore. If you follow shot link and you. There's always pair three bombers together. They all three cut the corner that becomes pretty dull pretty quickly and i think one of the best arguments against any kind of equipment change or anything like getting the toothpaste back in the tube is very difficult and it's gone on for a long enough time that like it's going to be hard to change. I think honestly a great argument. I'm not like rolling my eyes at that at all. I think it's like yeah. That probably makes a lot of sense. The best thing you said was okay. Fine we're not gonna. We're not rolling back. We're not keeping it where it is. We're going to keep progressing forward. We're going to progress forward until we literally run out of options. And i promise you at this world and this technology amount of money you can make on stuff. You're never gonna stop that. So if you look at the we talked about it right is like the percentage of increase every year for however many years. Well it started going way up when track man came out right there was a little blip there in that guys are hitting it farther when you could use track and I think it's leveled off in the past. You know a little bit because now it's own the player not the equipment will. It's it's it's kind of self selecting right. And i'm not not this literally very general area generals thing you know it it it makes sense but like it's everyone has this information and it's kind of everyone on that same. I think a totally different ball and driver head. Combo could make the stuff way more interesting it. Wouldn't you made a great point about give me twenty minutes on the range and i'll get the shaft. I'll get the launch angle. I'll get all that figured out in in whatever equipment you put you put. I haven't really thought of it that way. In terms of because of the information we had around in the technology we have clubs. And if you if you compared to other sports right think about. We talked about tennis right. Didn't you say they roll the ball back in tennis. I don't. i'm not a tennis person. But there's something they've done. I believe that you can correct me. If i'm wrong to control the the ball the ball speed or something like that because a game they standardized all or something about like john is ner like six ten and he has the best serve in ever will. He's only on. he's i mean. I don't know if he's one of a major but he's you know he was a top two important world because of his serve right. That's like guys are topped in the world because only drive. It's the same comparison if you look at tennis back in the old days and everybody's running around and go on the volume would rackets. Whatever those strings were like. It was not fast. It was finesse even hockey. Everybody's big fast wrong and smashed against the wall. There's no financers passing issues. Brute strength in that is every sports going that way basketball. If you're not really really tall and can jump really high. Your there's some there's very few guys that are the ball skill guys anymore. Well i think you're onto something with tennis stuff until you got to like. I see your point on hockey basketball baseball to the amount of information. That's out there. Nothing but those things are not equipment related nearly to the point that golf the discussion. Yeah golf antennas. As well in terms of like this is a little bit. Not as extreme. But like i if if the let's just say the tennis ball goes thirty percent faster than it currently does whatever you gotta do to make that happen. Yeah the scale of which you're playing on tennis court probably doesn't make sense anymore. Does it correct. That's where i'm at with golf. I'm like if you where do we stop the stuff. Yeah where do we put. Where do we put the emphasis on the player and not the equipment. Yes i'm in for that. Yeah i'm in. I'm in for putting all the emphasis on the player in his talents. In what in his expertise with dot club in that ball more so the easier equipment is more. Forgiving is the more that we're gonna hit it. Farther is my point. I can swing as hard as i want now. In the chance of being on the fairway are a lot higher. Yeah so again like a different point on this. Treat this like a choose your own adventure book okay. You are a pga tour pro walking off a green in one thousand nine hundred ninety five right onto the next tee box and you know you have your equipment there..

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