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On group. Our Mukalla rattle. Keeper will flip it behind his net. Gerard, they're passing to center ice. Here's the hawk line left wing side. Check lost the puck. Seabrook. Took it away. Put it to Gustav forsling west wing hawk line shot at ahead for Brandon Saad at center ice. It's off his stick into the end zone has get it back to Dora center. I saw took it back racing into the end zone down the left wing were strict with the puck from behind by. Fin and Brig at moves. It ahead to Soderbergh of the hawk line. Tried to flip the puck ahead four per into the hawk zone. Ends up on the far corner. Seabrook will move it up the right side to Saad center ice from the benches. Patrick Kane ill, chip it. Over the blue line a few feet back by the ass Presario firing across the right wing side of the hawk zone. He'll tip it down in behind the net. Then go get it. And then he fired it up the slot. Miss deflects down ice into the avalanche zone. Nikitas Eudora back to get behind the net cost it up Dylan soccer in front. Lisa. Hot set. Killen Sakarov toe drags the puck and enroll in front of the net and get a shot away. But he lost the session. But there was tapes. And it was actually a group our poke check it as picked up the loose biscuit fired at home. Oh, I think Jonathan Jay's. Get the goal, obviously. Hewlett secure the primary assist by Patrick. Kane is also gonna get it to the door. Tried to move the puck in behind the net a little reverse after skate. Patrick Kane rate into the front of the net area. If you get that assist by Kane that'll be a career high sixty I assist for Patrick Kane for Jonathan page points in three straight games goal number thirty two hawks quickly tied up. Good response for that cold. Every Blackhawks goal scored this afternoon. Jailed auto group make a generous one hundred dollars.

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