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Wrong was when she wouldn't stop throwing up on the flight from Atlanta to New York, but they quickly got into the hospital got her in surgery, and it went well, and she's recovering rain girls since she's been born has had so many issues that as a dad, man. That's just so scary being on a plane for you to feel like we're trapped on here. We can't go anywhere. Good walk off and go to the hospital and your daughter's that sick. And and it doesn't help being pie. Yeah. Yeah. It's just a scary thing. Man. He fray parents go through. I'm glad she's doing. Well. Cardi B global giant Steve curl in their new Pepsi's enroll commercial has been released. And it's quite Larry's we have some of the audio commercials based on you know, when you go restaurant, and you ask somebody like for like, a you. You'll save like can I have a pop or a coke? Yeah. And they'll goes, Pepsi. Okay. So that's the whole commercial is based on. Coke pepsi. Okay. Is. Patsy. Okay. You want to see I wanna impacts she wants Pepsi. There. You go. Little john. Oh. Got to come up with my own catchphrase. Okay. Girls. Right. Cardi B is in it as well. Both doing their version. Do you wanna see a text Pepsi two seven five seven one zero four drowsy peon gets her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She had director John singleton with her in singer, Mary J Blige she dedicated her star to the next generation of actresses plus pain respect to those who came before her good for her. Favor. So coming up on the next E ON the Z did the Grammy winner list leak. Partly cloudy today. Fifty five didn't seem like it right now because we're freezing at thirty one..

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