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Wanted you politicians in California. Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown. Maxine Waters. Duncan Hunter. What the hell are you doing? A vocal supporter of President Trump and a registered libertarian Babette's social media feed contained Q and on conspiracy theories, tirades against illegal immigration and anger over politicians handling of the pandemic. In an email to the UT Babette's ex husband called her a wonderful woman with a big heart and a strong mind. Joshua Lipped in Cocoa News. The U. S. Is recording the most daily death from Corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic. Mark Mayfield has the numbers. The code tracking project reports that more than 4000 Americans died on Thursday. It's the first time that the daily death toll has crossed 4000 over 132,000 people are fighting the respiratory illness in hospitals, including more than 23,000 in ICUs. Corona virus has killed over 364,000 Americans since the start of the pandemic. I, Mark Mayfield. As Corona vied virus deaths continue to rise here in California Funeral homes are becoming overwhelmed California Funeral Directors Association head Bob Ackerman says the industry is being impacted in their options are limited information is, um you know in option, but even that is being taxed. You know, in terms of capacity just to handle, you know, old all all the all the people who died, so it's really a great, very difficult situation. Ackerman says Local funeral homes have to stay vigilant and safeguard the staff because those workers are licensed and trained and not easily replaced. Health care workers and first responders have been getting covered vaccines. But some federal health officials want to seem or going out to a broader spectrum of people. Health and human services Secretary Alex A czar's urging governors to start vaccinating broader groups of people Right now, he is praising states like Florida, which has already begun vaccinating anyone over the age of 65. We would much rather see states move as quickly as possible and use every possible avenue to meet demand as places like Florida are trying to do. Then tow leave vaccines sitting in freezers nationwide, more than 21 million vaccines have been delivered, but just 28% have been used. The fact is, the vast majority of vaccines in the US are just sitting in freezers, raising the specter some could expire before being used. The thighs, air and Madonna vaccines have a limited shelf life, even in cold storage. Elon Musk is the world's richest person, the 49 year old Tesla's CEO swept by Amazon chief Jeff Basis, his top billionaire, according to a Bloomberg News. As of Thursday, Musk is worth more than $188 billion. His Tesla's shares reached a record high of more than $811 apiece. That's about 1.5 billion more than Bezos. If you're keeping score The report is based off must Tesla's stocks and unrealized paper gains on vested stock options? What I know now, Paul Stanley says all rock concerts have kissed. Edna Stanley said Kiss fans still have many chances to catch the band in concert before they retire, but.

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