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Last another month despite the shutdown, but a Carter's grandmother fears the day those benefits dry up Marie self is cared for her three disabled grandchildren's since their father committed suicide more than a decade ago. She too is disabled all of them, depend on food stamps already living on the edge financial ruin self says if the food stamps stop. Coming. It's going to be a very issue to try to figure out what I eat them or whether I need to treat them medically that makes Marie self. Normally, a very kind grandmother, very angry breaks, my heart. And it makes me extremely angry that this is going on Pete combs WSB, President Trump claims he has ordered FEMA to send no more money to California wildfire victims FEMA can't say if that's actually true because of the government shutdown ABC's. Karen Travers says the president's feuding with the new California state government days after California's new governor Gavin Newsom pledged to fight against the quote, corruption and incompetence of the White House and the new state treasurer Kirsten flipped off the president after her swearing in after meeting with attorney general nominee William bar, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham believes bar will allow the special counsel to complete his investigation. I asked Mr. bar directly. Do you think Mr. is on a witch on he said, no are you committed to making sure mister mulligan finishes job? Yes. Bar is not meeting with Democrats blaming the shutdown is confirmation hearings next week boring. Home routines benefit teenage. Kids, according to research at UGA predictable mundane life at home is actually good for teenagers. According to university of Georgia researcher, Alan Barton, he says they followed hundreds of sixteen year olds through the age of twenty one and what they found in adulthood reporter variety positive outcomes, including alcohol use being college and lower levels of stress hormone even in their bloodstream. He says it may not be one single thing that family routines give kids, but it might be a lot of little things that accumulate over time. The bottom line, according to him routine consistency and predictability powerful influences on a teenagers. Life Sabrina, Cuba. WSB WBZ news time six eighteen next. Traffic update includes I eighty five delays unless the two minutes. The.

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