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Well, the Brown cow show I am Sean monkey McKinney. I'm sitting here with the. Madam I met him. How are you. Enjoying your blushing even although I can only hear it. Well, you're sitting there in that, so it's frightening crop. Really just put that down. I mean, another room. I don't know what you think I'm wearing. It's absolutely nothing at all. The problem. Okay. So now I'm feeling your heat through the law. Fantastic. You're listening to our an episode with Kristen tristen and the whole month on gender identity and gender transition. So let's get tristen. You need the decision to not go through surgical changes to your by. You've been noted to say that you love your body and considered it a blessing. Can you talk to us a bit about your pass to body positively, something we're really out and acceptance as you transitioned, and you know, with maintaining some of those parts that may be considered female. Yeah. I mean, it was a rocky road. I would love to be able to pretend that I like came out as trans and automatically when wave like sometime I just want her writing crop and made me super excited to have a body that's different than like all the dudes around me, but it did not happen that way. I sort of honestly, and it was, you know, it was a journey. It was really hard to identify as a man and to appear to the rest of the world is a woman that was really difficult. I've also I'm also exclusively attracted to men. I've only ever been interested in and romantic and it's with men. So that was confusing to, obviously I did not want to date straight men because they really, you know, wanna be with the woman and I knew on the inside I was not a woman, but then game. Then we're also equally uninterested in being with me because I didn't look like a man. And so I really was stuck in that sort of catch twenty two for a while. And then I transitioned. And then I was in a whole new are a category where I did look like other men and my body parts for different than most men have. And so then I had to navigate a whole new realm of dealing with my body and intimacy. And I have to say, you know, while I did have some challenges, I was pretty constantly surprised by how open and interested, particularly gay men were in something that was new and different. First of all, I mean, like there's so much by his ability and I basically would not have had a romantic life if it weren't for out by men and even closeted by men when it comes to that. Sure. But but gay men as well. I was just really surprised by how many people were like. Oh, cool. Yeah, that's not anything I know anything about would. Would you teach me? And I'm like, yes, yes, that's. That's great. It's actually a little different. From a, I have several friends who are trans men and interested only in men, and I have to say you're was much smoother than many of their as they pack spear, and some violence and very bad reactions from gay men who are. Visibly upset by the parts not matching what they were expecting. Yeah, really early on how to survive. So this is like the days of a lot of like internet dating eventually apps. And so I was very, very clear way before I ever met someone face to face, hey, here's what's going on with me. And that way, if they were interested, they could duck out and I wouldn't have to deal with that rejection face to face. So I was never in in an in case where I had to tell someone's face to face by the way I'm trans ever. I mean, like I came out as trans, probably the year that boys don't cry came out. So that idea of violence being a reality was something that I had sort of baked into my DNA as part of the coming out process. I also, I think learned how to sort of market myself as fans guys super early on what words to use so that people like you can't use jargon even if you say transgender man, a lot of gay men are going to assume that you're trend..

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