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I consider myself somewhat active bicycle. I run into still employed full time. And i looked to bob to kind of give me the The hope and the The energy to keep going. And i imagine with once you establish you know sort of friendship of buddy ship over the course of six months. You're able to start diving into some deeper topics that's true. I know when i came to the relationship. I felt that i'd be the mentor and help this person down the journey as we got to talking chris very capable to talk to you and we talked about things that i don't talk to the people for whatever reason warmness depression. I just don't talk about it. Because i don't have time to be positive. Keep going him do that. But that's an comfortable almost immediately talking with chris. If be able to talk with that kind of an issue so i became the neater not eight or the needy not the nature so suddenly the butting that became more than just you being able to offer what you know. It's also now serving you absolutely now. That's amazing stephanie. When you hear this story how's that make you feel. I mean this story is is quickly becoming one of many that we're hearing from community members and i remember getting on the phone with bob on the a couple of months ago now and i met this gentleman. We set up a call. He got on the phone and we said okay. Now what do we do. You know blind date style. I guess but. I think knowing where that started this story that like. They're both being able to learn from each other and lean on each other. I think that's what the buddy network is all about. And i'll say one thing when when people are signing up there is not a lengthy but a decent on boarding process to ask specific questions that are It's a set once at a questions for people with parkinson's and other sex for care partners in loved ones. But it really digs into what you're looking to gain from the network and what some of your interests are hobbies are your stage of disease and i think through that on boarding processing within the buddy network. You're able to really filter in meet the right people. This was christie's first outreach to bob and it clicked. That might not always happen. But the buddy network. You're able to really dive into finding that right person or people to make these meaningful connections and we're hearing as more and more people are joining that more people are reaching out and saying hey i connected with someone and we had a great conversation and i found out that we live two miles from each other so these things are these things are happening and it just reiterates how important this network.

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