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Axl Rose felt at home on Saint Marks Place in Manhattan's village. He could feel the inspiration that drove his heroes. The RAMONES The New York dolls to create some of the most dangerous music. He'd ever heard music that to this day. February seventeen eighty eight still spoke to the angry young man in squalor crime and grab punk rockers. Skinheads hippies hanging on for dear life homeless people drag Queens Junkies. Tourists Saint marks was a low key Bohemian Bizarre counter cultures. Clashing UP AGAINST ONE. Another in the form of hard to find books harder to find records and imported porn studded belts. Dr Martens boots. Leather days and other edgy irreverent fashion items unavailable the rest of America like that. Charlie don't surf t shirt hanging in the window. Trashing Vaudeville the one with Manson's nineteen. Sixty-nine mugshot big and intense emblazoned across the front axle. Thought was killer so we popped into the store and have the dude with the peroxide hair. He popped tattoo behind the counter. Grab it for Axa. Wouldn't wear it on stage that night. Now he had been lizzy shirt teed up for that the show later that evening at the Ritz. A couple blocks north of saint marks was being broadcast live on TV and Axel's Band. Guns and roses was wired tight for maximum rock and roll. America took notice when air the show is washed by relatively small audience of American teenagers. Up Way Pass through bad times but the show is recorded on dusty. Vhs tapes passed around. High school corridors repeatedly over the coming months until the ferocity of guns and roses was recognized and salivated over on mass by high school. Kids everywhere. Axl Rose came to life on. Screen is a real life version of the breakfast club's giant vendor. He was the highest. You'll burn out who we all knew growing up. The one who doubled down on shop electives in wore ripped jeans out of necessity. Not Out of a sense of fashion. The guy who supported self-imposed cigarette burns on his muscular forearms. It was rumored to have a bud man tattoo on his ass. This was the same dude who sat in the back of the classroom and simultaneously frightened in attract with the cheerleaders. Those same shooters. Who wouldn't give you the time of day. You saw this dude standing alone quiet at the edge of the KEG party off of the train tracks. You left him alone because he heard the story of time he busted the bottle of michelob across the jock. The big mouths face but inside burned to know more about what made him tick what made him so pest and what made him so fucking cool just like that kid. Axa was filled with contempt untapped competent onstage. At the Ritz. You could feel anger. It was something that had been building up inside his birth. It was coming out one way or another likely through violent rage or petty crime but rock and roll saved otherwise asked rose would likely have been in jail on that night instead of blowing the minds of all in attendance as well as everyone watching at home television and later a memory onstage. Little older than the millions of high civil burnouts would soon come to worship him and his band. He was essentially the same angry. Young man was growing up back in Lafayette Indiana. But at the Ritz. It was clear that it's time tump. And he'd arrived with the murderers row of bemis slash the bronze to mad hatter Donnas izzy straddling with his Ronnie Wood via Johnny thunders. Cool dust mccague eleven feet tall oozing punk rock sex in excitement and the wide eyeball of heavy metal. Puppy Dog Charisma Steven Abbott a band. That you can immediately tell never had a fuck to give. Their lives. Show was flawless. Even with the flaws it was flawless songs. Like Mr Brownstone the jet. You'll night train. And the showstopper rocket Queen Veer from brilliant to train wreck and back again and the time it takes to suck a Marlboro red from. I blame down to toxic. Filter was from the street in four the street and they're Leyritz representative band living a hand to mouth life of rock and roll the battery and all too willing to let themselves die in the pursuit of you couldn't tell if they were creatively brave risking it all in the service of making totally authentic rock and roll or if there are just too stupid to know any better than through it. All Dan ban was impossibly cool every shot every pose every note. Even the attitude ones who slash every voelkel even the ones from axle to run out of bread all combined to somehow make them seem even cooler and if you tried you couldn't created a more representative version of Iraq enrolled in the one axle rose to the stage on February second nineteen. You wouldn't know it from watching them. But that banned the fuck all attitude that propelled it and more specifically singer have been a long time in the making the cracks in the back of the hand. His mouth came quick. It was unexpected in. Its stung like a motherfucker. Young AXA taste is blood. Bubbling up from his lip. The damage could have been worse but Luckily Axles Dad where rings jewelry was too ostentatious for at the cost. So is Barry. Manilow is number one hit Mandy which was what put acts on the receiving end of another blow to the grill. Axle made the mistake of absent mindedly singing along to the song's chorus with its lyrics. That his dad somehow considered sexually suggestive. What actual seriously did not understand how he was related? This dude is old man this abusive religious nut back but that was because Axel wasn't actually related to him he just didn't know it yet and then again young. Axl Rose didn't know much beyond led Zeppelin. Riffs Elton John Melodies pent up rage for the man. He thought was his father soon. Young axe to learn that his father was really stepfather and that his real father was never to be brought up. It was a discovery that did little to endear axel to Stepdad in thus the violence continued. It wasn't reserved for just acts of either his step-dad through his fist around to keep axles mom in line as well axelrod. All's a little boy and a teenager the beatings and the mental anguish and by the time he was sixteen. Rock and roll was salvation. That in this new friend is they've arrived on the stones. Acdc Arrowsmith the new onslaught of British punk bands and feeding America. The sex pistols generation acts in the clash and they also bonded over beer brass pills and of course the two of them especially axel took her to be possible to fuck with the local authorities. Axle had a real hatred for the small town. Conservative square job local cops to him. There were just an extension of the repression in bullshit rules imposed by Stepdad. Except out on the street he could talk back and let loose Dina rage. He carried an arrest for disturbing. The peace was worth it. He can never let loose on his Stepdad. Like he could've cops plus the cops would have to catch him first so axel mouth off. Lafayette's finest every chance he got and the cops and turn found a special kind of satisfaction whenever they could bust his ass throw him in jail and the result was a long string of juvenile arrests. For Petty Crimes Public Drunkenness Loitering etc. Fucking with the cops was always fun. But music was becoming the main focus for Axel and for izzy and they put a little band together and played when they could but mostly they studied and listen to the masters whenever they got the chance and their latest obsession was the soundtrack album for the film over the edge and adolescent crime. Drama set in the fictional suburb of Granada were the towns kids or tired of being neglected by their parents than other authority. Figures finally rebel setting about to destroy and terrorize their town through a fiery crime spree. He could relate to the teenage wasteland. Anti-authority vibe portrayed just like the kids in Granada. Axel felt neglected and oppressed and was compelled to vent his unhappiness through violence. Plus the movie soundtrack was the shit cheap trick van Halen the cars Jimi Hendrix and even that ballot at the end. The one by Valerie Carter. That played where the kids were. Bussed off to juvenile hall. It was all right up axles alley but actually wouldn't be shipped off to Juvie. He'd soon be on a bus headed for different kind of jungle altogether Los Angeles California. We'll be right back. After this word word were CA- gas tax season can be a big giant pain. But it's all worth it when you open the mailbox and there's a VAT refund waiting for you. You see that one Philippine waiting for unless it turns out that someone else already filed your return this happens. 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