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David Duke, John Mccain, Murray Rothbart discussed on Part of the Problem



Days. If you guys want to listen to it so the history of <hes> the institute flirt what would they always say the southern strategy and flirting with with racist as they said comes up and i said ed look i reject this whole left world world view that where like the worst thing in the world is anybody who said of an off color thing or anybody who talk to someone who's deemed racist and said look. I'm debating knicks are what was the chairman of the l._p. In september in new york city and he was very critical of murray rothbart for having defended david duke now if you want to read article if you haven't already it's a case for right wing populism. It's a great piece. I agree with every word that rothbart said the most and robbed ju ju. I'm sure we have our problems with david duke <unk> but he wasn't actually he wasn't actually defending david duke but my point was that i made to him. I said okay so you say murray. Rothbart defended david duke now that oh my god that's just horrible. That's off limits. What an evil person. We should never speak of him again. Discount the brilliant thirty books that he wrote because you disagree with this this point right nick sarawak himself guy criticizing when john mccain died praised john mccain. Do you know how much worse john mccain is. Then then david duke i mean seriously like david. You're literally comparing like you're kind of racist uncle to adolf hitler like that's the comparison harrison that yet we have to operate in this world where ono this. We decided this guy's off limits but this guy's okay and that's if if we're going to operate within that world how could we ever win. It's clearly the job is on us. Our task is to not praise david duke certainly but into say hey guess what john mccain is one hundred thousand times worse than he is. What blood does david duke have on his hands. Really now has the same question about john mccain. He's got mountains of corpses piled up on his track record so to me. That's almost like with the libertarian answer to this has to be. Hey like okay. No we can't we play within these rules will never get anywhere so and as you pointed out with the right i mean they have no control over anything. They've got a few youtube tube channels. The ones that are left at this point. I don't even know but man this left wing kind of totalitarian impulse to control every every inch of your thoughts and where you're allowed to go and where you're not allowed to go is everywhere and we have to fight against that. Hey.

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David Duke, John Mccain, Murray Rothbart discussed on Part of the Problem

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