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Hillier and any Baker Mayfield thing. The entirety of the proceeds go to the Special Olympics do that as well. That's cool. Also, any any Darty stuff. Into nerdy, one or Saft. Pronounce that the acronym? Yeah. Safta Jordan Peele he's going to be tackling Candyman and apparently in Candyman, they're going to take on toxic fandom. I'll read the quote, we talk a lot about fans in the idea of appeasing fans when you do that. And how do you do that in when do you not do that? I think my issue fandom is that it's really problematic. It's probably the most problematic thing facing. John or typically comes the dogma, that is a brace of, and that is more resistant to change in permission than you would think, I think, what we're trying to do with Candyman is both be mischievous, and how we address relationship to the first home, but also be very satisfied. So, yeah, so apparently, they're gonna talk SEL Tut, excuse me, tackled toxic fandom, which is an interesting thing to do incredibly relevant to this current state and times with movies and the internet DEA, the black near episode. USS callister. I did this a different sort of way maybe not as like direct, but that was the one Jesse plummets. I quite enjoyed that one. Yeah. That was an awesome episode. The new ones soup limits. The new ones are not good. My friends, I only watched really I watched the first episode the serpent, whatever one, which had a mantis in it from guards ago, Kazeem, etc. Marvel properties, but Karen Gillan. No, no mantis. It's palm. Yeah. Top story. Never I've got I frequently mix up characters and guardians of the galaxy. There's Campbell like group or rock Rockin could be both. I only saw that. I said with the actually another marvel guy Anthony Mackie and a DC guy dual McCain, the second or something that they can sitting guy played black Manta in command. And, but it was interesting concept, but I did not like the full episode but I'm gonna try to catch up with the rest of it later. Yeah. I'm wondering how the. Trying to I'm trying to refresh the plot of Candyman. Right. So he said, directly candy man's going to tackle it, right? Correct. Well, that's what it sounds like. Yeah. And so- candy man is the one with the bees. But I'm trying to remember. Across to read the synopsis it was like it was about urban legends or some like I saw. But it's this is this is one of these movies. I saw when I was twelve. Yes. Breathing snaps skeptical graduate student. Helen Lyles befriends Anne Marie McCoy while researching superstitions in a housing project in Chicago's near north side from Anne Marie Helen learns about the Candyman a knife-wielding figure of urban legend that some of her neighbors believed to be responsible for recent murder after mysterious man matching the canyons descriptions, begins stalking her. Helen comes to fear that the legend may be all too real. Yeah. The interest and see how he works at into that. Like I can see a path there, but I can't chart it myself, which is what your appeals genius my opinion too good idea, 'cause toxic phantom is like dangerous like the very, very dangerous reality that, I think people just sort of rush off nowadays. Like, oh, whatever it's just a phase. Oh, whatever. Is this like, no people are really fucking psychotic about phantoms like, but it's interesting he said like within the John rea-, and even that exists in horror movies, which is, is wild to think about, but I can totally see that happening..

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