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That would be a no then i guess philippine radio silence on walter o'gara okay well you know we're not we we we don't have any updates you that's the that's the case where he is another klein of the pennsylvania innocence project rexy talk with him by a posse presenting on the podcast spee he's on death row there was a book the came and i think last year the year before making clean for his innocence and we'd we'd talk with them but for a variety of reasons decided not take the case i'm not sure if there's been any updating his legal status i actually had a question okay sean thomas emily bc were represented by the pennsylvania instance project but turns lewis and chester holman weren't uh what now why was it was just home and able to find a lawyer work pro bono was that how that worked yesterday actually always had on amazing representation paid for by his family on justice case is slightly different from a lot of the wrongful conviction cases that might come across the daca the as he was an from the inner city he wasn't from the project she was in i'm he wasn't raised in poverty he was raised in the suburbs with a very very working family with both parents is dad works co two in three jobs on and financed chester's defend assistant tire time so chester always did have um you know paid legal representation throughout his case on it was just you know a little bit if he in the earlier years it is his current representation peters razor probe ruining um i believe he started paid i believe but i think at this point he's working on the case pretty much pro bono because he believes so much in chester's innocence um at this point chester's father is in his 70s and retired and you have to feel some sort of a great sense of empathy for that family whose pretty much been bankrupted by the system it would have to figure legal representation for this length of time which would be a crushing a financial blow.

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