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The gander airport became by far the hottest place to be in gander oh yeah used to go up and hanging around up there and watch the watch the people coming in on the planes and you know who's aaron ride on the escalator was a hot spot for fun john baird grew up in gander you know everything revolved around the airport mean that was one industry town it's a lot quieter place now was then in the nineteen sixties air travel was still pretty exclusive a lot of north american tourists still traveled to europe by ship but celebrities and heads of state from all over the world we're paying big bucks to fly in many of them were stopping in gander in that beautiful mid century modern lounge a lot of famous people who came through the airport tried to go unnoticed but some really one of the cocktail from the bar and if they were in the airport bar they probably were interacting with the people of gander security was pretty loose back then to say the least climate maryland role bob hope and kings and queens of various countries king of jordan king saudi arabia mikhail gorbachev my children rainy chevy i met president bush that's the former mayor of gander claude elliott i met the queen of england i flew with prince philip on his chopper the locals also love to tell a story about frank sinatra trying to cut in line at the airport bar getting told to go to the back.

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