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I get people the charts technical analysis because folks it is so important i believe that you look at it shore of the asset that you all you can possibly get your hands on any kind of data and short a technical analysis of that an asset you own it's very helpful i believe it's necessary so that you can understand what the real value of that asset isn't should you buy sell it very important in all the value of an asset charts are very helpful an understanding the valuations because the numbers tell the truth and the numbers on the charts are what happened that they in the trading pits in that particular asset so it's a really important third leg on the stall so we all set catcher razor sharp believing it feeling it achieving it all baby that's a airborne wheel's up edge in control your the quarterback you're not pilot of this jet now you wanna foundation a strategy and that to get that three legged store the warriors on the show history current events and the charts there's your foundation there's the store you're standing not so that you can bend take action and made wiser decisions and do things with your money to protect yourself to be smart with your money that's why you're doing this so that you have a future with money and it so he won't be por and you won't work until you don't sole exercise right at the end of the day you're trying to either build or project your retirement settings earned aspect in a year when we're torrent or your head into retirement you hear still trying to grow assets order you're trying to preserve assets safety michel was primarily about safety first safety first safety first its two words it's me i'm mr safeties safety first i believe in protecting principal and combine interest on the eight wonders of the world right compound interest most money i've ever seen made purse land my thirty four your career are from people the went to say throughout the tortoise and just competente money over time allotted cook like a slow cook from a style that came out just great so now you have your wisdom base the store you're standing on his streak current events the charts and then you go back on the showed a when i first started in february valentine's day of two thousand fourteen as a history major i graduated from georgetown university school foreign service in nineteen eighty two and folks i'm a history by off on my life i was always reading history even as a little kid an back in the winter of two thousand fourteen.

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