Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma, Notre discussed on The Audible with Feldman And Mandel


Don't know for sure. Like you said, it's not an unrealistic scenario. I mean, I don't think Alabama's gonna get it in as a two lost team at this point. So all you need is bailer to beat Oklahoma state or Cincinnati loses to Houston or Michigan loses to Iowa. Any of those three? No names in the playoff probably with an interim coach. That's insane. Could you imagine if Notre-Dame, which has gotten blown out on big stages close to the playoff? And somehow they get in and they leave and win one game in the playoff much less win two. That might be, you know, it's weird and I don't know if Notre-Dame typically as a school that obviously has a huge fan base, but also has a lot of people just are inclined to root against them. I suspect there'd be a lot of people rooting for Notre-Dame because they're wrong. Because, well, I don't know, just because I think, you know, this is, you know, this is the players really get jerked around here more than anything else. You know? And so I think there's going to be a lot of people who probably will be rooting for them. This may be a mood point. They may not get into the playoff anyway. But I just think the aspect of like, I remember thinking that this came up actually today at the USC. It didn't come out the press conference, but it came up with a conversation I had to somebody where, you know, that bedlam game was really close and back and forth. If Lincoln Riley's team, Oklahoma, it won. Lincoln Riley's probably not the head coach at USC, or he's definitely not the head coach right now. Matt Campbell might be the head coach at UFC right now. So it's kind of crazy how it plays this plays out like this, but man, Notre-Dame and Brian Kelly, it's just like, and then, you know, like I think our colleagues both Pete Sampson and Matt fortuna had the text message that Brian Kelly basically sent them and at one point I got a text from a head coach I know who basically was like, did he really break up with them over text? And I wrote back, you know, I kind of included the tweet from, I think it was fortuna. And he was like, man, this is smacks of Todd Graham. And I was like, those are four words, no coach ever wants to be associated. We did that coaching carousel series a couple months ago. We could have done a whole one just on messy exits. Tommy tuberville, Tommy tuber wrote the 50 yard line steakhouse,.

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