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Los Angeles ofensive Lyman graded, positively by Andrew Whitworth had one of the best games around the way, they used their wide receivers to block and chip linebackers and then get open for Andrew Goff Jared Goff. They really that game was utter domination upfront. I thought for the Rams this is about Aaron Donald trying to get to drew Brees one of the least pressured quarterbacks in the league and the big difference here. I think is Michael Thomas Dom. I needed dominated the Rams last time, they have a key to Liebeck, and that changes everything that takes a lot of pressure off of Marcus Peters. He can talk and. Yeah, paulie wants he's not gonna see as much of Michael Thomas. If any in this game, it's going to be a lot more to leave. And that means a lot less Sam shields as well. Yeah. You talked about the offense that wasn't just like a dominant performance that was. Maybe the greatest offensive line game I've ever seen. I mean, they had the most rushing yards in their history and Goth was pressured once in twenty eight dropbacks, which was the second least amount by any quarterback all year, you could not dominate more. And and just the playoff aggressiveness, and you hope they can repeat that if you wanna see a great game in New Orleans. It wasn't just the linemen. I mean, they were just kind of a nasty team. And you don't think of the Rams Naseem? I play the game. Robert woods knocks. Jeff Heath's block off cracks him on the ground. Next play Tyler higby cracks DeMarcus Lawrence on the ground. Roger Sappho had when you watch that game. One of the most dominant games guard can possibly have kind of embarrassing Jalen Smith, enlightened Vander in part of the reason they were struggling and getting pushed around so much as you could tell they were thinking and their young players, and they were trying to think about all the misdirection and everything that was happening. And it was allowing SAF old to just get these free shots at the second level. And if you're the saints, you gotta be worried. About that. But they do have more of a veteran linebacker group, especially demaro Davis that you would hope kind of his head wouldn't be quite as scrambled as the Cowboys clearly were last week with everything McVeigh did before the snap. The Rams six and two on the road this season thirteen and three on the road in the Sean McVay era. So this is a very good road team. And like you said we already saw it in week nine forty five thirty five game that you look at the score. If you don't remember the game that game was as Greg mentioned the game. Saints got way ahead in the Rams came all the way back and had all the momentum at thirty five thirty five. And then the saints did would great teams do was they pulled it together. And then finished off their team finish off their opponent west to your point. So you're saying week nine you didn't think the saints defense was a finished product or they hadn't peaked, and certainly specially what we just saw last week that points to that being an accurate comment. Is there a case to be made that it kinda averages out a little bit? It because the saints offense isn't playing at the level. It was earlier in the season. Sure. And I don't think drew Brees is playing at the level. He was earlier in the season. Certainly the offense of line is not playing at that level Andrews Pete in particular head four penalties last week. And we find out he's playing through a surgically repaired broken hand. And he's in a lot of pain. Now, he lines up across from, you know, dominant sue and Aaron Donald that is a huge problem for the saints right there that matchup Andrews p in the center that their center isn't very good either max under he's just average center. He can be pushed around I think that's a big problem. The Rams though when you look like they struggled to stop the run for much of the year. But they were great last week. But when you look at them there's holes in the second..

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