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Either come into the latest edition of do on three podcast from rostov a much hotter city than moscow gomez i'm sebastian salazar and we are joined but the goat john sutcliffe thank you for joining us man i know you're busy guy your goat no i see when you married yourselves on the one go mister monday night is done there you go he is also a published author tells about your book throw the country it's been out for a while but but for those who don't know it's it's an interesting read no yeah i actually did it in memory of my dad i wanted to do a book you know i think we all grew up with an idol my dad was an idol i used to watch monday night football with him played golf with him watch america gains we have a home in san diego i remember once i got home and my dad seven meter on tenor and i what's up we got you so you can see medica we're going to get the signal from television one i'm taking them to eighty one eighty two so i grew up watching ten tv's at the same time every sunday every college football game any nfl game then i realized that you got home with your buddies at school and they say you guys are crazy and then today i'm still that crazy guy that gets paid to do sports actually coming out with a book in english sideline reporter they ideas to have it on on amazon and they can print it or they can do digital but i'm waiting to finish the last chapters on they'll soil so yes it's a book about follow your dreams nobody can say you can't do it my dad taught me to things he said may they teach you at school to think and get along with people and i think four years ago when who seen compared was yelling at me and screaming in the streets in in brazil he said you know what i don't give a damn more john wall i'm two blocks away he came and did a live shot with us and i'll something similar happened with juan carlos odia win i convince them i'll be very honest i told him cottle's they live isa youknowwho controls all this stuff right if you don't help us and you're going to the federation yes we live a monopoly it imagine the fox or years being could control you soccer and say who you talk to who you don't talk to that we live it's a reflection of mexico our culture of how politicians run things in our country so the fact that carlos king we did seem to supermarket it was coincidence it was luck sometimes you got to look for look so for those of you don't know you happen to be outside the training facility and we're not right holders espn is not a right whole holes her so we can't really record within you found him on the street just like any publication can't find him for interview he agreed so you hit record i mean the federation said there will be no interviews with anybody during the world cup not a rightsholder but under fiba this only applies if you are in a stadium or sanctioned event this is actually outside like find somebody the streets but at the same time i knew that he he was told not to talk but at the end of the day our camera guy mighty floor song i realized she was going to the supermarket and i said you know you already have a no let's go for it and and i really value what he did because i know he got screamed that but at the same time you took some heat yeah because just the way our policies are open tv is falling apart i think the way of watching sports has been totally different nowadays so it's not a fair competition but at the same time that's what i'm paid for to go do and find stuff you're doing your job you know in kadyrov's i i compare them and i've told him he laughed about i had explained i guess in columbia you grow up watching willie wonka and the chocolate factory no but kwan cuddles is really want and i'll tell you why you go in remember the movie all the kids are doing everything perfect synchronize and they understand what has to be done but maybe a block away nobody has no idea any clue what's going on and that's what i've always thought about one cuddles when you see and talk.

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